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Keep Your Eye Open for the Specials!

I love my publisher. They do such amazing thing to help promote our works and get them into the hands of readers. There are several things coming up later this year, but the first will be occurring in the next couple of weeks.

Involving 200 books, Booktrope is doing a special offer through Amazon and iTunes. It’s the best time to invest in authors that you love or finds some new ones. Life After the Undead will be part of this promotion, so if you’ve wanted to check out my young adult zombie novel without a lot of investment, now’s the time!

And it’s perfect timing too because the second one, Death to the Undead, is scheduled for rerelease on February 16th. This is your chance to get book 1 on sale! Here’s the schedule of pricing for the books:

Feb 8-10: books will be free on iTunes and 99 cents for Kindle versions

Feb 12-14: books will be $1.99 on iTunes and Amazon.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals! You still have a week to wait, but mark your calendars now so you don’t forget!

If you’re interested in knowing what my zombie books are about, here’s their covers and descriptions.

"A must read for those looking for a fun and different read in the world of zombie fiction." --Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War and Kaiju Apocalypse

Seventeen-year-old Krista must quickly figure out how she's going to survive in the zombie-destroyed world. The one advantage humans have is that the zombies hate humid environments, so they're migrating west to escape its deteriorating effects. The survivors plan to construct a wall at North Platte to keep the undead out, and Krista has come to Nebraska to start a new life.

Zombies aren't the only creatures she has to be cautious of--the other survivors have a dark side. Krista must fight not only to live but also to defend everything she holds dear--her country, her freedom, and ultimately, those she loves.

Join Krista in her quest to survive in this thrilling apocalyptic novel by Pembroke Sinclair.

Seventeen-year-old Krista has already proven she can survive the zombie hordes.

After moving to North Platte with her distant cousin General Liet to help build a wall that will keep the zombies in the West, it becomes apparent that the zombies aren’t the biggest threat—some survivors are far more dangerous than Krista had ever imagined.

With the help of Quinn, a survivor and fighter from the zombie-infested wildlands of the West, they free the garrison at North Platte from the power-hungry Liet. But there is a bigger battle to fight.

The Families who rule Florida and use intimidation and the threat of the zombie horde to coerce their territory want Krista and Quinn captured, the zombies want to devour them, and other survivors want them dead. Caught between powerful forces, will they survive long enough to devise a new plan and put it into action? Or will they self-destruct?

Find out in book two of this thrilling apocalyptic series by author Pembroke Sinclair.