A Rancher and a Warrior: Remembering a WWII Vet

Today marks the 77-year anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was this act by the Japanese that got the U.S. involved in WWII.

My grandfather-in-law is a WWII vet. I had the honor and privilege of writing his story, and we would be excited and humbled if you check out his book (it’s available as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook).

Dale is still alive today. He’s as feisty as ever and still full of stories from “back in the day.” What he did for our country was an amazing and wonderful thing. He is an amazing man and a true American hero.

Lance Dale Robinson dreamed of one day owning his own ranch. Born and raised in a small town in Wyoming, ranching was all he’d ever known and it was all he ever wanted to do. But on his way to achieving that dream, WWII got in the way.

He was a heavy machine gunner for Company H of the 313th Infantry. He landed on Normandy Beach 6 days after D-Day, and tells a story of wading through bodies like seaweed to get onto land. He was part of the Battle of the Bulge, where he was almost court-martialed for thinking his sergeant’s life was more important than his weapon. He received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and a British Military Medal.

When he returned home after his service, he went back into ranching. During his career, Dale worked with the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University to improve artificial insemination of cows. He traveled and lectured about the impacts that were being made in the process, and he helped advance science and ranching.

This is the story of Dale's life in Wyoming and in WWII.

For those who are interested in the audiobook but don’t have/don’t want an Audible subscription, I can sell you a copy of the story. It will be downloaded on an MP3 player and delivered straight to your door. Please contact me for pricing.

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