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Focusing on the Positive…and the Adorable!

I think it’s been about a month now (maybe a little longer; I stopped keeping track!) since we’ve had Floki come into our home and a few weeks since we got Siggy. And things have been awesome!

As some of you may recall, after the incident with Rolo, I was really nervous about getting another Corgi. I wanted another fur baby in the house, but I wasn’t sure I could handle it emotionally. I’ll admit, I was pretty bad for the first few days, but things have mellowed out quite a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still worry. I watch the dogs pretty closely and every time one of them yips or is quiet for too long, I rush to find out what’s happened. For the most part, I feel like my actions are pretty normal. I mean, they’re still puppies. It’s my job to keep them safe.

In addition to the worry, I’m also happy.

I knew when we got the dogs that they wouldn’t be Rolo. I knew they would have their own personalities and quirks. Still, it was hard not to compare them, and quite a few times, I called Floki, Rolo. But it happens less and less.

I still miss Rolo, and I think about him often, but Floki and Siggy are absolutely adorable! They’re a lot of work—they’re still babies—but they are so sweet. They can’t ever replace Rolo, but they help fill the hole he left in our hearts.

Siggy taking a nap.

Floki and Siggy playing.