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Moving Forward

Earlier this week, my family and I decided that we are going to get another Corgi.  We'll be getting her from the same breeders that we got Rolo from, and it's the same parents, so technically it will be his sister from another litter.

Originally, we were going to name her Rollo, with two Ls, but I decided that Siggy sounded better.  (And yes, for those of you who noticed, I'm a huge Vikings fan.)  We don't know which one we're getting yet, we want to let their personalities develop, but one of these lovelies will be our new fur baby.

I thought long and hard about this decision, and weighed the pros and cons.  My heart is still broken from losing Rolo, and I'm fully aware that a new dog will never replace him, but the house feels so empty.

Life is full of uncertainty.  What happened to Rolo was a freak occurrence, and the possibility exists that it could happen again--or a million other scenarios could occur.  I live with anxiety and panic disorder, so believe me when I say that my brain comes up with some ridiculous worst-case scenarios.  But I don't let them rule my life.  I can't.  I would never leave the house if I did.  I wouldn't let my family leave the house if I let my imagination rule my life.

My point is that its better to take a chance than live with regrets.  Yes, something bad could happen.  But you know what else could happen?  Something good.  She could turn out to be an amazingly wonderful dog that lives a long life and makes everyone in the family happy.  Her life with us is going to be awesome--no matter how long she's in it.  I'm going to spoil her rotten.

Life can't be about the what ifs.  It has to be about the what happens.  Yes, it's painful.  I will probably worry every day that I own her, but I have to give it a chance.  I can't live in fear.

I'm happy with my decision, even if I'm not completely confident with it.  I'm looking forward to what the future with Siggy will bring.