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Influential Movies

The other night, while my husband and I were surfing the channels looking for something to watch, we came across the Sony Movie Channel, and it happened to be playing Krull.  I really like this movie, despite it's faults, and I used to watch it when I was a kid.

After that particular film was Yor, The Hunter from the Future, and that made me laugh out loud.   I recently bought the DVD from Amazon, and my boys and I watched it on one of our vacation days.  It was not good.  It's pretty freaking terrible, but it's another movie I watched as a child.  (I picked this particular clip so you could experience the bitchin' title track.)

I've been nostalgic lately.  Over the weekend, my sister and her kids came over so we could watch Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.  Man oh man, talk about a terrible film.  If you want, you can watch the entire movie on YouTube.  The whole time, all my sister and I could wonder was what was up with Wicket's eyes?  They didn't blink, and although they were supposed to give him a teddy bear look, they were kind of creepy.  But, again, this is a movie I watched as a kid.

I don't know why I have such a drive at the moment to revisit childhood movies.  Perhaps it's because I actually have some time on my hands to do so.  Whatever it is, it's been a lot of fun.  I'd forgotten about a lot of these films, and a lot of them should have remained forgotten.  But at the same time, they have reminded me why I fell in love with sci fi, fantasy, and horror in the first place.  And it's rekindled my creative desire.

As far back as I can remember, I've always watched these kind of films.  My dad would record them off TV and put them onto VHS for our viewing pleasure.  We also watched B horror movies on TNT and Monstervision.  I absolutely loved it!  To this day, I still enjoy a good creature feature and cheesy science fiction.  They made me what I am.

Book Binges

When I was a kid, I used to make fun of my mom for reading Romance novels.  Every free moment she had, her nose would be buried in one.  They were stacked on our bookshelves, on the floor of her room, in the living room--wherever she could find space until she finally donated them.

I couldn't tell you how many she went through in a week, but it was a few.  She LOVED them, probably still does.  She read other things too, lots of other things.  I remember having conversations at dinner about Jurassic Park.  At one point, she even went on a science fiction kick to help with something she was teaching.  (That was one of my favorite kicks.  I read some great books!)

My mom's love of reading is what got me into reading.  However, it wasn't until I was older that I understood her obsession with Romance novels.  I don't read Romance (although I have tried), but I have my own version of Romance novels that I like to binge on: Alien books and Star Wars novels.

I'm particularly fond of the Alien books.  Since the first time I saw Aliens, I've been hooked.  Obsessed, if you will.  And there has recently been three new novels that have come out.

There is just something wonderful about reading something quick, light, and predictable.  It's relaxing.  It makes me happy.  It reminds me of what inspired my interest in sci fi and horror in the first place.

But the most important part of reading these books is that it allows me to escape for a little while.  I get a chance to get away to another planet and forget about my troubles as others are being torn apart.  I have a feeling that was probably the most important part for my mom, too.  She just preferred to go to a different world.

What about you?  Do you have books that you love to binge on and escape with?

In other news, The Appeal of Evil will be available for 99 cents in January.  This is in celebration of the release of Dealing with Devils.  If you would be so kind as to help me get the word out, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

Bringing the Horror Back to Christmas

If you know me, you know it’s not really a secret that I’m a horror fan. I like to write it, read it, and watch it. In some cases, I become obsessed with it. Uh hum.

Lately, I’ve been telling my coworkers that Christmas needs more horror in it. One day a year devoted to all things scary just doesn’t cut it for me. So, as you can imagine, Krampus makes me happy.

Not surprisingly, I’ve become obsessed with Krampus. Last year was the first year I discovered he even existed. How in the world had this demon gotten by me? If you ask me, he’s a better threat to use against the kids than Santa not showing up. He’s definitely more scary.

So, as the kids get older and more influenced by my interests, Krampus will become a permanent Christmas figure in our home. Yes, I’m fully aware that there’s something wrong with me (I would never argue against that), but I’ve made peace with it.

A World of Encouragement

We’re big The Voice fans in our house. Every season, we watch it from beginning to end, cheering on our favorite singers and being disappointed if they get sent home. Occasionally, we even vote for someone if we really believe in them and really want them to win. But most times, it’s so hard to choose, and I really want to see all of them succeed.

The thing I really enjoy about The Voice is how encouraging it is. The coaches are there to help, not tear down, and they build the singers up to make them better—all the singers, not just the ones on their team. I find that approach refreshing. This season with Pharrell Williams seemed especially sweet. He always had something nice and encouraging to say to everyone, including the other coaches.

I’m well aware of the fact that this is a competition and the contestants want to win. And so do the coaches, but they don’t undermine each other or sabotage one another to get there. Yeah, there’s trash talking, but that’s what I expect in a healthy competition, and it makes for great entertainment. By the end, it always amazes me how the singers have forged friendships with one another and want to see each other succeed.

I can imagine the stress and nerves they go through every week before getting on stage. The amount of preparation for each show must just consume their lives. But if that’s what they want to do for their career, then they have to put in the work. They have to be willing to do what it takes to stand out from the rest. And I don’t think any of them are afraid to do it. It seems like they are all willing to work hard to attain their dreams.

The world of singing is much like the world of publishing. It’s highly competitive and full of rejection. The contestants tell stories about how they tried to break into the music industry previously but were denied or they had record deals that didn’t sell enough so they were dropped by their labels. They know very well how cruel the music industry can be, so to have a coach that is famous, respected, and willing to impart their knowledge on them has to be an amazing experience. Even if they don’t win, they get so much out of their time on the show.

I often think how amazing something like this would be for writers. They could call it Words, and agents and editors would listen to an author read part of their work, then decide if they wanted them on their team. As the season progressed, the coaches would help the writer polish their manuscript and make it the best they could.

Each week could feature a different part of the manuscript. One week could be dialogue, the next suspense, or an action scene. The public could vote for their favorite authors, just like they vote for their favorite singers now. Then, at the end, the winner would get a publishing contract and advance.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think it would be cool. And it would be beneficial to everyone. Agents/editors would get to discover new authors, readers would get to discover new authors, and authors would be able to build their platform and fan base.

That’s the other thing that is really cool about The Voice: it builds followers for the singers. Again, even if they don’t win, they have fans. Like the publishing industry, the music industry is leery about taking on new talent because they don’t know if they will be successful. They want to bank on something that’s going to make them money (they are a for-profit business), so if an artist already has a following, they are more than likely to take the risk.

Artists can’t do it alone. They need support. They need mentors, friends, family, and fans. The actual creation of art may be a solitary endeavor, but it takes a community to enjoy it. I appreciate every one of you who reads and enjoys my books, and without you, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Christmas is Right Around the Corner

Every year, I swear Christmas sneaks up on me.  I tell myself I'm going to start getting presents early, that I won't wait until the last minute, and then I don't.  Last minute rolls around and I'm scrambling to get stuff done.  Next year.  Riiiiiiight.

Well, if there's anyone else out there like me, and you're looking for some last minute gifts, why not consider some books by an indie author?  Little Devil Books, publisher of my middle grade books, is having an awesome sale, including The Ifs.

Also, keep an eye out for The Ifs Return, which will be available in 2015 from Little Devil Books.  Here's the book cover for it.  I think it's awesome!

If you're still looking for something unique for that special someone, why not consider getting autographed books.  You can get them from me directly, and I will happily sign and send them to whomever you want.  I can accept payments through Paypal or you can send money.  Just let me know!  Please use the contact form on the right hand side of this blog and I will get back to you ASAP.

Nine more days, folks, then Christmas is upon us!

Waterfall by Lacy Danes‏

Lacy Danes made a New Year's resolution to write a hot, historical romance.

A year and a half later, she achieved her goal. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where besides writing she enjoys playing cards, chasing her kids around, and savoring a great martini with the man of her dreams all while watching the world go by.

Visit Lacy at her web site.


It’s easy to fall in love. Destiny requires tooth and claw.

Curses are designed to be cruel, but the one afflicting Jordan and his brothers is almost beyond bearing. A dragon born by blood magic, he is an immortal trapped in human form, with only one hope of finding his eternal mate. He must bite her—and pray she lives.

One dark night, he senses the wounded heartbeat of a woman in the shadows, begging him to end her life. Ever the gentleman, he chivalrously obliges her wish. Only to discover three days later that she lives. And has married another.

Celeste always dreamed of marrying for love, but the nightmare of living in her father’s home drives her to wed the Duke of Hudson. Yet on her wedding eve, she is compelled to follow a mysterious man who professes to know her secret. A man with curious blue scales on his muscular arms—whose shadowed eyes reflect a dangerous mix of destiny and desire…

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, sex in water, four super-hot dragon brothers, and a curse born from magical power that has left them wondering who they are all their lives.

Available at Samhain BN Amazon iTunes Google Books

Protect Her by Sophia Kimble‏

Sophia Kimble has always wanted to be an author, but for years, life got in the way. She wouldn’t change a thing about how her life turned out, though. Her family keeps her laughing and loving. Her wonderful husband and two extraordinary children stand beside her every step of the way and make this journey called life worth living.

Sophia has worked as a nurse for twenty years, but has put that career path aside to devote her time and imagination to writing down the stories that keep her up nights.

She takes her love of the paranormal, history, and genealogy, and weaves them into tales of family, fated love, and supernatural occurrences.

Connect with Sophia at the following sites:

Twitter: @SophiaKimble

Golden Alexander is trapped in a nightmare.

Trying to flee her hallucination of a demon, she runs heart first into the brooding alpha male she’s been dreaming about for years, and then her nightmare really begins.

Kris Pietka is done with women...he’s broken. But when he meets Golden, an overwhelming need to protect her tests everything he thought he knew about himself, and the paranormal.

A bond forged centuries ago thrusts them together as they search for a way to break an ancient Druid curse prophesying their demise. Racing against the clock, they travel from Vermont, to the Carpathian Mountains in Poland, and the Scottish Highlands in search of answers and a way to break the curse.

But something evil watches—it covets, and time is running out.

Will fate allow love to prevail against unbeatable odds, or will Golden wake to find it was all a delusion?

Available at Amazon

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
The genesis of my novel, Protect Her, is a strange story.

When I was 18, I had an episode of sleep paralysis.

What happens during sleep paralysis is you wake while still being in REM sleep (the cycle of sleep when we dream). It’s thought that while in this part of sleep, our body is in a state of partial paralysis. Our body’s way of keeping us from acting out our dreams.

Whatever the reason, it’s terrifying. Your brain wakes up, while your body is still asleep. You can’t move or speak. Frequently, the episode is combined with hallucinations and shortness of breath.

Well, when this happened to me, I saw a demon hovering over me.

I’ve since learned that this is a common occurrence during sleep paralysis.

Back before the internet was readily available to look up what malady you’ve suffered from, I had no idea what sleep paralysis was, let alone how common it is.

For years, this demon has been in my head in Technicolor, so of course, when I decided to write my paranormal romance, Protect Her, I used this creature in my story.

Perhaps all the myths of demons that pin people down while sleeping are just an episode of Sleep Paralysis…perhaps not.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
My first novel, Protect Her, took a full year to write, edit, rewrite, enter contests (I was a finalist in two), get critiques, take classes, and rewrite again before it was ready. Then I received three contract offers, and here we are.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Letting my imagination run wild. Fiction is wonderful in the respect that absolutely anything you dream up can become a book.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Editing the first draft.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
I would like to be a ghost hunter, don’t care whom, but want to see if everything is staged on those shows. I’d like to think at least some of it actually happens, but I’m sure it’s not all the claim.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
A jar of pickles from the summer. My husband is OCD about cleaning the fridge so we never have too much in there for any length of time except condiments.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Protect Her is the first novel in The Druid’s Curse series. I’m editing the second in the series, Avenge Her and hope to have it to my editor next month. I’m also currently writing the third in the series, Fear Her. I’ve also planned the fourth, Release Her.

Dealing with a Bad Review

Earlier this week, my book manager (hi, Pam!) hesitated sending me a link to a review. Understandably, she didn’t want to ruin my day. The review isn’t exactly flattering. The reviewer didn’t love Undead Obsessed.

But, honestly, those things don’t bother me. I told her to send it along, and I happily read it. I actually chuckled a little afterward. The reviewer didn’t like the book, but I think it’s because he wanted it to be something it wasn’t. The way I read it, he wanted it to be more scholarly. And it’s not. At one point, I had attempted to make it much more academic, but it didn’t feel right. So, I changed it. And I was much happier with it after that.

Anyway, my point is that as an author, there will always be people who don’t like my books. I’m going to get bad reviews; it’s the nature of the beast. How I react to those reviews is up to me. Personally, I don’t let them bother me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Love it or hate it, at least they read the book (or at least part of it).

At this point, I’ve received some real doozies in my writing career. Some were incredibly confusing (and by that I mean I couldn’t figure out exactly what the reviewer's issue was with the book), and some just didn’t like my work. And the vast majority of the books I’ve written have gotten at least one—from my kids’ books to my YA to my adult. I won’t lie, a bad review can sting a little at first, but then I move on. There’s absolutely no sense dwelling on the negative.

So, what are some things I do when faced with a negative review? First and foremost, I read it. I try to tease out exactly what they are saying and what their rejections are to the work, and then, if said review is posted  on their blog, I thank them for reviewing my book. Even if they didn’t like it, they still took the time to look at it, and as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, I know how difficult it can be, so I thank them for that.

I never engage them or argue with them or tell them that they missed the point completely. Again, they are entitled to their opinion. I may comment on what I think they meant (like I did at the beginning of the post), but the truth is, I don’t really know what’s going on in their head.

I don’t get upset. There’s absolutely no point. The only person that hurts is me, and life is way too short to dwell on the negative and be mad at someone for having an opinion. I become even more thankful for the good reviews and focus my energy on them.

I remind myself that I’m not alone. Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Pike, Piers Anthony—every author that has been brave enough to put their work into the world has received a bad review. At least we are all in good company.

Here’s the thing: whether a review is good or bad, it’s not going to stop me from doing what I do. I’m going to continue to write. Yeah, good reviews are awesome because they reinforce that what I’m doing is right and make it worth it, but bad reviews won’t break me. They don’t decide if I continue to write. Only I get to decide to do that. I refuse to give anyone else that much power over me.

Falling from the Light by Regan Summers‏

Regan Summers is the author of the romantic urban fantasy Night Runner series. As a native Alaskan, she’s used to long, cold nights but thinks they’re better with a helping of sexy vampires. Don’t Bite the Messenger, the first in the series, was a finalist for the 2013 EPIC eBook Awards in the paranormal category.


Phoenix, AZ

All Sydney Kildare wants is a minute in the slow lane, some time to decide where she’s going with her vampire lover, Malcolm Kelly. But after sitting out the last battle, the powerful Master Bronson is giving orders again, and he isn’t above blackmailing his former courier to get what he wants.

With Mal sent to track a vicious killer, Syd is forced to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company responsible for a drug that turns vampires into real monsters. She’s unprepared and alone, but fiercely determined. If her investigation doesn’t satisfy the Master, Malcolm will pay the price. A wrong turn throws her into the middle of a vampire power play. Caught between twisting forces, with their freedom at stake, she’ll have to decide what’s more important: love, power or revenge. But choosing what feels right might turn out all wrong.

Available at Amazon BN Kobo Scribd

Q) What inspired you to write this story? 
It wasn’t so much a lightbulb over the head inspiration as a pretty basic need to entertain myself. Which is my motivation for most things I do in life, to be honest.

Q) How long did it take you to write? 
This was a tough one. I usually finish a first draft in about two and a half months. I wrote for about two months, grew frustrated, and moved on to writing a complete, separate novel before coming back to this one. By then, I’d figured out how to make this story bigger and more dangerous, and really committed to heightening the romance. Total writing and editing time? Probably seven months. Total time with this novel on deck? A little over a year.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing? 
I love capturing surprising scenes – revelations, humor, the awakening of strong emotions and the testing of character.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing? 
Doubt. Writing is a massive act of faith, and when doubts creep in about lines and plot twists or whether the story will ever sell, it’s like an anchor has been wrapped around your hands. The words become hard to make, and that leads to frustration and more doubt. Luckily I’ve got a bit of a goldfish brain when it comes to doubt. I’m usually able to reset myself fairly quickly.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why? 
Oh, wow. Well, someone alive to start with. I don’t want to be a famous zombie. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I think. Full of exuberance and wonder and deep, deep intelligence. That choice is made with the hope that I’d hold on to some comprehension of complex scientific principles when I reverted back to myself.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it? 
Nosy question! Lol. I think it’s a bag of wheat germ. And it’s on the top shelf, in the back, on the left.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future? 
Action, adventure, and romance – in that order. I have two novels drafted in separate worlds – science fiction rather than fantasy – which I hope to be announcing before too long.

Thank you so much for hosting me!

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Casual Curses and Meticulous Magic by Lee Roland‏

Lee Roland is a full time writer who lives in North Central Florida. She loves the peaceful rural area where she shares a home with three small dogs who think they are pit bulls and an evil cat with sharp claws.

Lee writes stories of urban fantasy and paranormal romance where strong men and women battle the wickedness hiding under the surface of the modern world. Her characters are passionate in life and love and are formidable enemies to the malevolent criminals in their worlds.

Her first series, the Earth Witches, was published beginning in 2011 by NAL. Her website, www.leeroland.com offers samples of the Earth Witches books and information on their world. There are short stories and news of any upcoming books and events.

Subscribe to mailing list: http://www.leeroland.com/about/

What happens when a dysfunctional witch and a tough PI work together to save an aging apartment house filled with ghosts, dragons and one oversexed house plant?

Spirits, spells and mayhem…Magic rises in the Gramarye

Melian Devlin is a witch who often resorts to exotic and slightly illegal methods of acquiring money to maintain the 300-year-old Gramarye, the stone apartment house that’s her heart and home. Her life is a series of skirmishes that occasionally end with her behind bars.

Titus Moran is a no-nonsense PI who makes big bucks busting insurance fraud schemes. So how did he wind up in a tortuous battle to keep Melian out of jail? Did the delightful young witch with her gray eyes and magic at her fingertips enchant him—or does the Gramarye hold greater mysteries.

Titus will enter a new exciting world when he joins Melian in her quest to save the Gramarye. Melian will fumble along in her usual impulsive way, leaving a trail of disasters behind her. If they’re lucky, they might survive.

Available at Amazon BN Smashwords Books A Million

The Squeaky Wheel

As a parent, I've spent a good part of the last 7 and 5 years trying to instill in my boys that whining won't get them what they want.  I find myself saying over and over that life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean it's bad: they just have to deal with it the best way they can.  But I often wonder if what I'm telling them is wrong.

Several years ago at work, my coworker had an issue about something, and it involved how I was doing my job.  I honestly don't remember the details of what it was, but I remember it was something that was written as policy and had been done long before I worked there.  I was following the rules, so I was confident that I would be right and things wouldn't change.

This person went to the boss and whined about how they didn't like this policy, so it was changed--just that one time to accommodate this person's complaint.  I remembered being shocked, surprised, and angry. Apparently, since this person complained loud enough, they got their way.  And trust me, this wasn't the last time I'd seen this in action.

Lately, it seems like I've read numerous articles about authors acting badly.  It certainly isn't the first time they've done this, and it won't be the last, but what I find fascinating is how we deal with it.

The most recent article dealt with an author who went on a Twitter rant about how she was snubbed from a prestigious list (I'm purposely not linking to it).  She was whining that her book was as good or better than the vast majority of the others on there.  Personally, I don't know.  It very well could be.  My point is that her whining got her exactly what she wanted: attention.  Articles, blogs, and opinions were written about her.  People are talking about what she's done.  Who cares if the attention is negative?  What's that saying about bad publicity?

Her rant probably won't get her on the list, and sure, she may lose some fans, but she may gain some too.  She may make people think:  "Hmmm, that was unfair for this poor girl.  I'm going to buy her book and read it and form my own opinion."  No doubt she has her supporters who are also crying foul play.  Either way, people will remember her.

I get it.  I really do.  I've never been snubbed from a prestigious list, but I've dealt with agents/editors/publishers who won't answer emails, who just don't seem to "get" my work, and who have rejected me for the dumbest reasons possible.  I've had reviewers give strange and unflattering reviews, and I've totally taken to my blog to "vent" about it.  And I was looking for the same thing as this other author: attention, validation, and support.  And I got it.  For whining.

We're all human, and we all get frustrated.  And technology makes it easy for our voices to be heard and for people to instantly react--whether good or bad.  She's right: as authors, we do pour our hearts and souls into our work, we dedicate hours and hours (sometimes years) to getting it finished, and when it's done, we want to be recognized for our hard work.  We want the world to pat us on the back and tell us how amazing we are.

But we have to realize that the world probably isn't going to recognize us the way we want it to.  And that sucks.  It's not fair.  But when has life ever been fair?  Like I tell my boys: we have to deal with the unfairness the best way we can.  And yet, if you complain loud enough, long enough, you may just get what you want anyway.  The squeaky wheel does get the grease.

The biggest complaint people made about this author was that she was acting entitled and like a spoiled brat.  They said she needed to be thankful for the praise she had already received on the book.  Basically, she needed to focus on the positive things that had already happened for her.  And maybe she should.  I know I definitely try to do that in my own life, but for some, that's just not good enough.

You can't fault them for wanting more, for striving to be the best.  Again, it's what makes us human.  Fault them for trying to attain those goals in the wrong way--and for the way we react to it.  Even kids learn at an early age what will get them attention and what won't.  Even if it's negative attention, if it gets a reaction, they'll continue to employ those tactics to get what they want.  Perhaps the next time an author starts whining and throwing a temper tantrum, we should do the same thing we do with kids: ignore them.

Hunters by Aoife Marie Sheridan

Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon's books, given to by her grandmother her love for romances grew, by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them.

Aoife had a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries. It was something she did throughout her teens and into her twenties. Aoife won first place for two of her poems and had them published at a young age of just nineteen. Realising she needed to get a real job (What writing isn't) she studied accountancy and qualified working in that field for many years, until her passion for reading returned and she found Maria V Snyder. Poison study one of her favourite books has been read and re-read countless times.

Aoife's first book Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy) came to be after a dream of a man and woman on a black horse jumping through a wall of fire and the idea of Saskia was born. Now with her first novel published and taking first place for Eden Forest with Writers Got Talent 2013, Aoife continues to write tales of fantasy and is currently working on her third book for the Saskia Trilogy amongst other new works.

Google +

Abigail is nineteen, her job she hunts demons.

Her life so far has been tough, having witnessed her family’s death and her mother’s suicide she’s taken in by a priest, who believes her when she says she sees ghosts. Father Peter trains her as a demon hunter with three other members, one being Daniel, who isn’t what he seems.

But when a possession goes wrong, and ghosts start to attack Abigail, the tight rope she had on her emotions soon starts to loosen.

Abigail draws the unwanted attention of the Vatican, and she finds out a lot more then she was willing to learn.

Knowledge is power, but for Abigail it’s her undoing, and the only thing keeping her together is Daniel.

Book Trailer

 Q) What inspired you to write this story? 
The inspiration for Hunters came to me, when a friend suggested I go to see a healer. I went and was fascinated by what I learned. Now I can’t say anything amazing happened to me when I was with the healer but I loved his perspective on angels and demons. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about guardian angels, and then the story hunters came to me.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
It took around six months to complete the story, so it was very long, but I knew what I wanted to write, so every time I sat down to type I knew exactly what I wanted to say. No writers block that way. J

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Getting lost I would have to say. I love creating worlds and characters. I really enjoy a dark character it becomes a challenge for me and I have to dig deep to really put them together in the most believable way possible.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
I don’t have a least favorite thing about writing only I never have enough writing time.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Just went and checked it’s an onion LOL and it’s five days old, time for the bin.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Lots I am focusing on writing now, and all through 2015, so in 2016 I hope I have a busy year with releases.

Water’s Threshold by Jillian Jacobs

In the spring of 2013, Jillian Jacobs changed her career path and became a romance writer. After reading for years, she figured writing a romance would be quick and easy. Nope! With the guidance of the Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter, she’s learned there are many "rules" to writing a proper romance. Being re-schooled has been an interesting journey, and she hopes the best trails are yet to be traveled.

Water’s Threshold, the first in Jillian’s Elementals series, was a finalist in Chicago-North’s 2014 Fire and Ice contest in the Women’s Fiction category.

Jillian is a: Tea Guzzler, Polish Pottery Hoarder, and lover of all things Moose.

The genres she writes under are: Paranormal and Contemporary with suspenseful elements.

Twitter: @GreenMooseProd

What happens when a lonely water-girl finally finds her shore?

In a tourist town at the base of the Tetons, Maya Conway, a mythical being known as an Elemental, stands at a crossroads. On her current path, she is content using her life force water to protect humans and the environment. Her direction is altered when Mother Nature taps her to guide Terran Forrester, an analytical scientist, on his journey to become the next Elemental Earth.

If Maya crosses into his world, will her lonely heart find a partner or will his rational mind reject her otherworldly existence?

When an ancient evil evolved from dark matter shadows their steps, which path will they choose—logic or love?

Q) What inspired you to write this story? 
I love a good paranormal. Love the worlds and characters writers create. In the majority of paranormal stories, blood is a primary focus. So, I considered, what is as crucial to our survival as blood? A simple answer—Water.

This led to my thinking about a girl who survives only by water, which further led to the elements. Book one, Water’s Threshold is water and earth. The second story will focus on fire, and the third story is air.

Q) How long did it take you to write? 
I had Water’s Threshold edited in January 2014. I’ve learned so much since then, and have added that knowledge to the story throughout this year. I could have released earlier, but wanted my first release on my birthday, November 11th. One thing I did not learn over the year, is the proper usage of a comma, so please forgive any errors you might find.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing? 
Creating that one perfect sentence. And my favorite thing about the writing world is the friendships I’ve developed since beginning this journey almost two years ago.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing? 
 Forgetting where I am in a story, and then having to start from the beginning to get back in the flow. Commas!!

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why? 
Jane Eyre or Rebecca. Why? They lived dramatic, tragic lives, but had love in the end.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it? 
 Homemade pizza dough. A week.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future? 
Two more books in this Elementals series. Then, Ember’s Center the first in my O-line contemporary series will release end of December 2014. This series will feature three players from a professional football team’s offensive line. And no, not the quarterback.

All my books will have a wicked villain causing mass chaos, and a love story that triumphs in the end.

Thanks so much for hosting me today. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss Water’s Threshold.

Jillian Jacobs

The Agency: In the Defendant's Chair by Lynn Yvonne Moon

Lynn Yvonne Moon is the author of the successful Agency Series, which deals with the implications of unlimited government power and money. She has worked for state and federal government since the 1990’s and uses her extensive personal experiences to captivate her audience with realistic stories of political corruption and black Government espionage.

Her first novel, When Souls Collide, introduces the reader to the ultimate power of The Agency. The second novel, What Rings True, awakens The Agency to the ramifications of never-ending political power. Dysfunctional Bloodline traces the steps of a family serial killer out for revenge. Lynn graduated from Troy State University where she earned a Masters Degree in Government. She currently works for the Commonwealth of Virginia and resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Her last memory before falling asleep is the love she feels for her husband and kids. Then she wakes up, confused, dizzy, and sick, and realizes where she is; a courtroom. This is the nightmare and reality of Early Sutton and other women like her across America.

Carrie Clark and Maddie Edwards reunite with The Agency to solve the mysterious murders that are plaguing America. They risk their lives as they travel from coast to coast gathering clues and piecing together a strange puzzle where the pieces don’t seem to fit. In The Defendant’s Chair examines the inner working of our US Government and a secret society as they manipulate the human genome in evil seclusion. In a race against time to save the human race, the women must contemplate both the ethical and moral issues of genetic tampering.

Available at Amazon

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
A) First imagine your worst fear or fears. Mine? Being put on trial for a murder I did not commit. Then add to that the horrors of genetic manipulation of the human genome. What is happening now outside of vision? We are eating genetically modified foods, so what's next? Genetically modified humans?

Q) How long did it take you to write?
A) Over two years of intense research went into the writing of this novel. Therefore it took me over two and a half years to complete.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
A) My favorite thing about writing is the ability to use my imagination to take me and my readers anywhere we want to go. There is no limit to our travels as long as my imagination is allowed flow.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
A) My least favorite thing about writing is that it does not bring in enough money to support me and therefore I must work a day job. I wish I could write full time, but at the moment is it a part time adventure.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
A) If I could be famous for one I would be Woopie Goldberg. Why? Because Woopie is fun and full of surprises and I'd love to see the world through her eyes.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
A) The oldest thing in my fridge is me and I'm... well let's say I'm older than dirt. But I feel as if I'm in my twenties. Many my age sit back and allow life to consume them. Not me, I take life by the horns and push back. I'm not aging with grace, I'm battling through all the way to the end.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
A) Readers can expect more excitement and more novels. Two are planned for every year with an extra side of Children Picture books or Middle School novels. The Agency Series is running strong with one more in the works and three more ideas on the shelf. The new young adult series is schedule to have a total of five novels to excite and entice my readers.

Hellish Haven by L.K. Below

L.K. Below wrote Hellish Haven to bring her love of Orwell’s classic 1984 into the modern day…or near future, as it turns out.

She reads as obsessively as she writes and likes to Tweet about both at @LBelowtheauthor.


Two lives. Two realities. But only one truth.

The Senator reigns all-powerful in a manifested picture-perfect world. No worries. No wars. Only the unspoken threat of oblivion if you step a toe out of line. On the other side of the divide, the rebels face a debilitating war against an invulnerable robotic army. Every day is a struggle to earn back their freedoms. Freedom to feel. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought.

Sergeant Grant Baker is pivotal to the war effort. But ever since his wife’s abduction, he’s been walking around in as much of a daze as the Senator’s brainwashed citizens. Then Eva reappears—without memories of him or their son. And he’s willing to do anything to keep her. Even if it means jeopardizing the war.

Eva doesn’t know which side to believe. Her predictable life as a single nurse, or the man claiming to be her husband. All she knows is she needs to discover how to end the war, quickly. If she doesn’t choose sides soon, she may lose the man—and the life—she never knew she wanted.

Available at Kensington Books

Influenced by the Masters: On Incorporating Classic Fiction into Modern Books

When I was ten, I was taught by a teacher who worshipped books. While in her class, I read A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens), Watership Down (Richard Adams), and several fictional chapter books about the sinking of the Titanic. And these were only the books I read while within the confines of her classroom for reading period. During recess, I would sit beneath a sturdy tree and delve into whatever fantastic fiction caught my fancy. She must have seen in me a kindred spirit because, when the year was done, she told me:

Never stop reading.

That fantastic and clever past teacher of mine is the reason behind my love affair with classic books. When I left her class, she passed along her wisdom to me by recommending I read more classic books.

I started with Jack London and Mark Twain. From there, the sky was the limit. I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. My father and I read The Chronicles of Narnia to each other before bed, and it helped me to become less nervous when reading aloud in class.

I didn’t discover George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four until high school, but it has remained in my top five list of classic books ever since. I breezed through the book, through Winston’s struggle with oppression, his love affair with toeing the line of what the government deemed possible.

I guess by now, you can guess that Orwell’s book heavily influenced my newest release, Hellish Haven. Orwell’s themes are timeless, but in these days filled with technological security and little privacy, they are especially potent.

Like most things when I set out to do them, I took those themes to the next level. In Hellish Haven, the government doesn’t merely monitor you; through a widely-administered suggestion-enhancing drug, the government controls the populace’s very thoughts. Through this drug and the constant subliminal messaging and propaganda, citizens are made to feel as if they are happy. Their careers, their marriages, every aspect of their lives is chosen for them. Even when a war rages only blocks away, they don’t believe it exists.

One of the things which spoke to me the most about Orwell’s book was the act of erasing a person from history. Records of traitors were wiped clean from the archives, as if they were never even born. But, as I read these passages of the classic book, I thought to myself that it wasn’t absolute. The people those traitors left behind, the people who they touched in some way, they would remember.

So I took the idea and pushed it further. I’m good at that.

In Hellish Haven, traitors aren’t only wiped clean from the records. Their families, their colleagues, their friends are made to believe they never existed. The electronic photographs displayed on the wall are purged of their image. Children are believed to be artificially inseminated or adopted. The person’s thoughts and deeds are erased from history.

And that, I consider to be the ultimate punishment. The ultimate horror.

I’m an author, so I like to think my words and ideas will be around long after I’m gone. My goal, and I suspect the goal of many writers, is to touch people. To make the reader think. To give them strength on the days they feel their weakest. To help them forget about their troubles for a time, if that’s what they need, or to help them challenge the aspects of their lives which make them unhappy.

I developed my love for books early in life, and for that I’m grateful. Because I can’t imagine being the same person I am today without having read books like Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty Four. Just like I can’t imagine not writing them. 

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Christmas at Thorncliff Towers by Marina Myles‏

Marina Myles’s love of books began as soon as she read her first fairy tale. During her college days, she received degrees in English Literature and Communications—and enjoyed the unique experience of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Now that she lives under the sunny skies of Arizona, she hasn’t left her glamorous life behind completely. After all, she gets to divide her time between her loving family, her loyal Maltese, and worlds filled with fiery—but not easily attained—love affairs.

Visit her at www.marinamyles.com

Thorncliff Towers is done up for Christmas, secure against wind and wolves. But Karina Petri is shut out, too, and the gypsy witch wants what’s inside. She envies the gifts, the feast, the pretty clothes, of course. But her true desire is for the love of Constantin Stoica. Her smolderingly handsome childhood friend agreed to serve Lord Draven after his brother was caught stealing last year. He suspects Karina was involved—and it would take more magic than she possesses to make him forgive…

Constantin has always been drawn to Karina’s dark curls, flashing eyes, and reckless ways. But trusting her has proven dangerous before, and this night holds more to fear than most. The wrong decisions could cost him his job, his safety—even his life. But letting Karina go could cost him his heart…


Scooping up a few pieces of bread, Karina slipped out the back door. With the aid of the cane, she made her way to the stable house where the windows glowed a bright orange.

Hearing the crackle of a fire, she entered uninvited. Constantin had his back to her. Shirtless from the waist up as he’d been when she spied on him earlier, he was busy brushing a pewter-colored mare. The chore set his tendons into a fluid stretch and his biceps into a rippling bulge.

Karina shut the door with a loud clatter. He whirled around—his foul expression softening as he perused her new appearance.

“Karina. You look…nice.” Then he seemed to remember that he was angry with her. Resuming his task, he spoke in an icy tone. “I came here to be alone.”

She ignored his comment. “I brought you some bread since you missed dinner.”

“Thank you,” he said curtly. “Leave it on the workbench, please.”

She did and strode toward him. Gathering her courage, she released the cane and touched his solid shoulder. “Do you like my dress?”

He snatched a look at her but then avoided her eyes. “It’s beautiful.”

“You hardly saw it. Come. Take a long look.”

Gulping, his stare swept over her tiny waist, rounded cleavage, and elegant hairstyle. “You look very—different.”

She smiled seductively. “Is that a compliment?”

“Yes.” His voice was a growl. “You’re stunning.”

Motivated by the jealousy she felt over his connection with Lydia Brentwood, Karina slid both hands up his chest and laced her fingers behind his neck. “You’ve always been my friend, Constantin. But I missed you in another way when you left our Gypsy camp.” She paused. “Did you miss me?”

He untangled her fingers. “I’ve missed your companionship. That’s all.”

“Is that all I’ll ever be?” Frustration coated her voice. “A companion? A friend?’

He held her by the arm and she could swear she saw agony in his forest-green eyes. “We lost our parents at a young age,” he said. “That’s why we became friends, Karina. We had that in common.”

“You never thought I was pretty?”

“I’ve always thought you were beautiful, but you scared me. I had to grow up and be a father figure to Viktor. I couldn’t afford to let your rebellious ways distract me.”

“So that’s the reason…” her voice trailed off.

He released her arm and anchored his hands on his hips. “You were constantly defying authority and getting into mischief. I was too straight-laced—too responsible—to join in.”

“Sometimes opposites attract,” she suggested. “Besides, you’re a grown man. Are you still scared of me?”

His gaze dropped from her eyes to her mouth. Attraction replaced the agony in his stare. He moved closer. “I’m not afraid. But I am lonely.”

“I can see why,” she murmured. “The smug people at this mansion lack the Gypsy fire you’re accustomed to.”

Their lips hovered inches apart. A whisper of air slipped into Karina’s mouth as she parted her lips. Constantin nearly kissed her. But then he stepped back.

She wasn’t giving up that easily. “I liked the feel of your hand on my leg,” she purred. “If you let me touch you, I can erase some of that loneliness.”

As slow as a ribbon flutters in a quiet breeze, she feathered her fingertip up his arm. Under her touch, his skin burned as hot as lava. She knew in that moment that he was going to kiss her.

With eyes blazing with desire, he craned his neck forward and clamped his mouth to hers. Karina’s whole world changed in that moment. Responding to his warm lips, she pressed herself to his chest. And when he allowed his tongue to slip forward, her heart thrummed wildly.

“My God,” he said gruffly. “You smell like summer rain.”

Their bodies stayed molded together by pure lust. The feel of his muscles and his intoxicating scent reminded Karina that she’d never want any man but him. Would Constantin make her his tonight?

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Winners Contacted

The winners of the Black Friday Book Bonanza have been contacted.  Congratulations to Karen and Laura!

Thank you to all who participated.  You made it awesome!

The 13th Descent by Ky Lehman‏

Ky Lehman is a novelist, a children's author, a teacher of swimming and water safety, wife to her high school sweetheart and the proud mother of their three very tall sons. She lives in the Yarra Ranges, Victoria, Australia with her husband and their children where she is currently writing the second book in The Rosefire Trilogy, The 13th Rising.


One Choice Can Make an Immortal Human

But What Choices Need to Be Made to Go Back Again?

The revolutionary year following Serenay "Ren" Avalon's eighteenth birthday could rival Clark Kent's entire adolescence.

After her mother and her grandmother were killed in a car bomb explosion at the heart of their sleepy hillside town where nothing extraordinary usually happens, she discovers that her mother is actually alive and in hiding, her long lost father is a Father, and her best friend, who turns out was once an Archangel, has taken a gargantuan step back in his evolution to live on Earth with her for the past thirteen lifetimes. And besides being the only one in her immediate circle with a serious case of past life dementia, she learns that during her first lifetime, she was married to one of the greatest teachers history has ever known who is now the gorgeous lead singer of a hot new rock band taking the world by storm, and who is keen to meet up with her again in the twenty first century.

As Ren realizes that the powerful family name she bears also brings with it the promise of an unnatural death, she is reminded that it has always brought hope to people on both sides of the veil, human and Tor. As the world draws closer to being completely shrouded by the dark cloaks of her age-old enemies, the Bloodstones, she now, more than ever before, has to draw strength from her origins to protect her family and their ancient truth from this global force responsible for torturing and killing centuries of her ancestors.

As she struggles to unearth who she was, who she is, and who she chooses to be, as well as the expectations of her first mortal love and the heavenly love she has always guiltily denied, she has until midnight on the Solstice find a way to bring light to a compromised heart and to a world on the brink of perpetual darkness.

This first book in The Rosefire Trilogy by debut YA author, Ky Lehman, is a reminder of how the choices we make in the throes of love, loss, hope, and adversity are what makes the divine human, and the human divine.

Available at Amazon

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
When a family member suddenly died young, I started to question what I believed in, and found that as a free thinking adult, the answers provided by the religion I was raised in wasn't enough. So, I read, and I researched all of the religions I could think of, and although I found that every faith has its own beauty and wonder, other questions were then raised: Man's rules? God's rules? amongst many others. In short, Ren, Mike, Josh, Benni Dhoo, and all of the other personalities introduced in THE 13TH DESCENT each represent a piece of the puzzle I am still trying to put together, as they all find their own way to the one true constant of every era, country and religion that has ever existed: love.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
Eighteen months of nabbing an hour here and five minutes there during the school terms, and writing flat out during the school holidays!

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Finding out more about myself when creating my characters and their backstories and detailing the feelings certain people and circumstances invoke in them, but what I find the most enlightening is what I envisage the future holds for each of them – it can be a real eye opener!

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Honestly, it’s erotically-charged scenes! It's not really the writing of them, it's the editing of them! Some things have to be left to the reader’s imagination, but how much? I always struggle with how much description is, or is not, enough!

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Florence Nightingale. Not only was she a renowned nurse and matron, she was also a rebellious daughter, a social reformer, and an accomplished writer who lived to the grand old age of ninety. For a day, I would love to be her as an old lady, and over multiple cups of tea, experience her memories of her grandest loves, relationships, challenges, failures and successes - to be inside the mind of a true trailblazer, one who in her younger years, shattered the mould, and in her adult life, started to break down walls we are still hammering away at today.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
A two year old jar of gherkin spread, which, thanks to your prompting, I have now thrown out!

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
In the near future, THE 13TH RISING: Book Two of The Rosefire Trilogy – I endeavour to have it ready for publishing by mid-late 2015 - and an educational children’s book about being safe in and around water.

- Ky Lehman

Of Sentimental Value by Princess Fumi Hancock‏

Bestselling Author, NAFCA African Oscar People’s Choice Winner, Indiefest Films Merit Award Filmmaker, TV Host, Transformation Interventionist and Philanthropist are just a few accolades to describe this dynamic woman.

Born in the heart of Nigeria, Lagos State; Princess Fumi Hancock was raised to appreciate her royal roots from the South Western region of Nigeria, Emure Kingdom, where her family, the Adumori Nigeria Royal Household have ruled since the 1800s’.

After acquiring her first degree in English from one of the most prestigious colleges in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University; she stormed the United States of America with a pen, a script and the dream to change the world. Little did she know that it would take her over thirty years to finally fulfill her dream of becoming a prolific writer and most importantly, one who would have the ability to translate her literary works into movies.

As an author, she has written several inspirational books for women, Beyond Idol Worship: A Diary of an African Warrior Princess; Starting Right Now to name a few! After writing these inspirational books and her return back to African after over 25 years absentia; she reaches out to help her community through her US based nonprofit organization, Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc. (www.adassafoundation.org); she also decided to venture into the world of young adult fantasy. To her surprise, her very first young adult fantasy, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest became an amazon bestseller! There has been no stopping her since then.

Her new novel, Of Sentimental Value, a mystery and suspense drama is yet another landmark for her. The book was made into a feature film which is scheduled for release soon (www.ofsentimentalvaluemovie.com). In the advent of its release, it has garnered multiple award interest. It was nominated in the NAFCA African Oscar Peoples’ Choice category for Favorite Trailer and Original Score while the Princess took home the winning trophy as Favorite Screenwriter. Since then, the movie itself has been nominated in the following categories: Best Diaspora Drama and Best Make-up. One of our supporting actors, Malik Yoba was also nominated as Actor in Foreign Film category.

Princess Fumi is one who truly believes that dreams do come true if we keep plugging away at it and never give up! Her very first crack at writing, she will never forget her professor at a college in New York telling her, “you need to quit! You are a horrible writer!” “I was devastated,” she said. But did not allow that to keep her down. With time, even the professor finally announced to the post graduate class that she was the best student he’d ever had. That screenplay, “The Royal Bird” ended up winning Best Screenplay of the year in 1988 in a New York festival. It was later auctioned to one of the largest television stations in Africa, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). The rest of her time today is spent presenting her new empowerment program, Your Vision Torch, an Innovator’s Prescription to Igniting Your Dreams and Harnessing Your Vision to leaders, business owners and women across Africa and the United States of America. More details on how to bring her to your event: www.worldoffumihancock.com

One event Elects Who You Are 
One event Molds Your Values and Beliefs; 
One event Charts the Course of Your Journey… Good, Bad or Indifferent; 
One event Determines Your Destiny… For Life 
One event Will Change Your Life… Forever 

Bestselling Author, Indiefest and African Oscar Award Winning Filmmaker, Host of an African Oscar nominated TV Talk show, An African Heritage Leadership Award recipient and a globally sought after transformation interventionist, Princess Fumi Hancock delivers an inspirational and intriguing romantic suspense story, yet laced in mystery and comedy. Of Sentimental Value, a titillating and jaw dropping adventure set between the deep rich forest of Africa and the southern flat plains of Nashville, Tennessee.

A Twenty-one year old, Young African Immigrant, SIBERIA TONKA has all the ingredients of a successful writer: Commitment, dedication, and drive to become famous. Until her dream of becoming the next bestselling media sensation in America is threatened by an inexplicable cosmic force! Buried and spiraling in unsurmountable debt and a string of misfortune hovering over her, she is forced to pawn her most valuable possession. But when told her sister’s life in Africa hangs in the balance and that would die if artifact is not returned back to the rightful owners, Siberia in desperation sets out to retrieve the artifact at any means necessary. A Mystery enigma is released and the stakes are high! The harder Siberia tries… the closer she seems yet the farther she was from solving the turmoil.

Alas, in the midst of this chaos evolves an undeniably love triangle between Siberia, a wealthy rugged-looking African, but Nashville-based, art collector (Alan) and a simple American consignment store owner (Jake).

Will Siberia retrieve the artifact in time to save her dying sister, Naiya? Who / what wins her heart? Money or True Love?

Book Available at Amazon

Book Trailer Produced by Cambium Break Pictures

Of Sentimental Value Motion Picture Release 2015

Starring Malik Yoba, New York Undercover and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? and Tommy Tiny Lister, Deebo on Friday, 5th Element with Bruce Willis.

VIP Screenings and Private Book Launches in Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee

Award Winning Filmmaker Princess Fumi Hancock shares clip of SOLD OUT " Live" Nashville TN Red Carpet Event: http://youtu.be/s0LlaKZyI7Y

Video Reviews
Miss Haiti International, RĂ©gine Pierre Shares Her Review of, Of Sentimental Value: http://youtu.be/21hlsgE81lQ

Los Angeles
Of Sentimental Value VIP Movie Screening and Book Launch Raving Reviews Bring Producer to Tears! http://youtu.be/4VwnYXNAoHI

LA welcomes Red Carpet Screening of Award Winner, Of Sentimental Value

The Video Reviews
Award Winning Filmmaker, Princess Fumi Hancock Shares a “Kairos Moment” with Host, Lola Ogunleye Reviewing Of Sentimental Value http://youtu.be/417hPzsQ4C4

Gift Items Available at: http://www.ofsentimentalvalue.com/?deeplink_referrer=ess#!cambium-break-shop/c1seb

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
It was 2005, at midnight, when I received a frantic call from afar. As I picked up the phone, I felt in my gut that something terrible had happened with my family back in Africa. As I gently picked up the phone, I was visited by waling sounds in the background. It was the cries of my sisters I Africa! My young niece, Yemisi, just died during childbirth! Yemisi was 24 years old. She had been in labor for three days before her live in boyfriend finally dropped her off at the hospital. This was a destiny, which was cut short due to ignorance! You see, Yemisi had left home to be with her boyfriend against everyone’s advice. If she had self worth, if she knew she was beautiful and wonderful; if she knew she deserved the best; if she knew she was wonderful and marvelously made; would she have settled for the that kind of life? What saddens me the most was that I was not able to fulfill the promise I made to her when I was leaving Nigeria. I promised I would bring her here. It never happened! Today, her son is being taken care of by his grandmother who is my sister. Sadly, shortly after her death, her boyfriend died of AIDS!

What inspired this story? Yemisi was Of Sentimental Value. She just did not know it! While this particular story is different for all; there is a common thread which is that as women WE MUST VALUE OURSELVES AND NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING BELOW GOD’S EXPECTATIONS FOR US.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
Whew! Great question. My writing this time was kind of different as I wrote the screenplay first in preparation for the movie itself (www.ofsentimentalvaluemovie.com ). So with the screenplay in hand, it took just 3 months to write the novel. I have to interject that this is not the typical duration of time for me. My last bestselling novel, the adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest took 2 years because of all the research I had to do to create a location unique for my readers.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Just the ability to take characters and live through their eyes is very captivating for me. It is exhilarating.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Editing. After I am done writing I find it hard to go back and read what I had written, particularly reading 3 or 4 times.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Maya Angelou. I love her personality, her philosophy about life. Maya Angelou made us believe we could soar like eagles. Her books are thought provoking and inspirational. Sadly, she has passed and she is greatly missed but her legacy remains forever. Caged Bird Legacy (http://mayaangelou.com/ )

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Oh wow! A bottle of liquid vitamins has been sitting in my refrigerator since last year! Perhaps, I am hoping to drink it through osmosis, as I am not interested in it though I am supposed to be taking it. The bitter taste has turned me off. Hoping one day, I will take up the courage and just drink it.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
When asked just few days ago who I was besides being a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur; with the African Oscar win for the movie, Of Sentimental Value; the inspiration for the novel; and the movie itself winning an indiefest film merit award, I can safely conclude that I AM INDEED A SCREENWRITER, AUTHOR, SPEAKER & A TRANSFORMATION CATALYST. So my readers will see my gear up in these roles. I intend to travel across country to meet my readers; to finish my long awaited sequel to The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell, a paranormal & fantasy book and hoping to have one more movie under my belt. Many have asked when will The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell be made into a movie. Who knows what’s out there…Stay tuned: www.worldoffumihancock.com