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Justice League (2017)

I have been excited for a Justice League movie forever! I was even more excited to learn that Jason Momoa would be playing Aquaman and hoped that he would give the superhero a boost in coolness.

I didn’t have high expectations coming into this film. I’d read some of the reviews, and they weren’t exactly flattering. Still, I wanted to form my own opinion, so we watched the movie as a family.

It doesn’t disappoint in action. Jason Momoa is fantastic eye candy. The Flash was hilarious. Cyborg was super cool. And that’s about all the praise I have for the film.

It wasn’t horrific, per say, more confusing—and the most mind boggling part of the film is the CGI they did for Superman. But not for his flying scenes. Oh, no. It was his speaking scenes that give me a twitch. It bothered me the entire movie. I thought Henry Cavill wasn’t actually in the movie. I had to Google what was going on and found out that they had digitally removed his mustache.

My head just about exploded. Seems like an incredible waste of money, and it was done so very badly. Since they’re bringing Superman back from the dead, maybe they could change things up a bit. You know, have him be a little scruffy. It would have been less distracting and mind altering than the CGI “fix.”

The storyline focused on some bad guy who wanted to destroy the Earth. He wasn’t overly memorable, and I’m not sure he had a reason for his task except he wanted to. Not that bad guys necessarily need an elaborate motive, but that makes their actions fun. I like villains with depth and personality.

The relationships between the heroes weren’t super developed, either. Their interactions felt awkward and uncomfortable. I get that some of them were supposed to be, but even when they weren’t, they were. It was just weird to watch.

If you watch Justice League strictly for badass superhero action, you won’t be disappointed. However, with what Marvel has been doing with their superhero movies (especially Guardians of the Galaxy and from what I hear, Blank Panther, although I haven’t seen it yet [I want to!], so I can’t say if it’s true or not), it’s all right to expect more from a superhero film. Marvel does an amazing job of balancing action with character interactions and emotion. DC has been struggling with that for a while now.

Despite the issues, I will continue to watch DC superhero films and hope that they overcome their issues and shortcomings. I still enjoy the movies on a certain level.

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