Life’s Terrible Moments

It’s astounding how life can go from being tolerable to completely unbearable in the blink of an eye. One moment has the ability to drive you deep into despair and depression. It stops your world and leaves you with pain.

Every so often, you’ll have the opportunity to look up from your loss, hurt, and suffering to realize that the rest of the world is still turning; they are moving forward like nothing ever happened. You’ll wonder: How? Why?

You know nothing but your devastation. The moment replays itself through your mind, and you question whether or not you could have done things different or better. No matter how much you tried to prepare yourself for the moment, to be ready for the inevitable, the moment still blindsides you.
One day down the road—maybe months or years from now—you’ll find that you can smile again; perhaps even catch yourself laughing. It’ll take you by surprise and make you think you are betraying the moment’s memory, but you’re not. The pain will seem less debilitating, but the loss will always remain. The moment will forever be there. But it won’t control you as much as it did before, even though it will always be a part of you.
You can’t stop these moments, and you can’t pretend like they don’t happen. They are part of life. They are not easy, and they will break you down. They will shape your future and challenge your emotions. Cope as best as you can and know that it’s all right to feel the way you feel.

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