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The Coolest Thing that Almost Happened

Before I tell the story, I must announce the winner of the Hello, My Name Is… blog hop. Congratulations to Laura! Crossing your fingers and toes worked! Please email me so I can get your address. Thanks!

Okay, story time.

Last Wednesday was a bit of a challenging day for me. My alarm went off at 4:45 like it does every morning, but I had a pounding headache, so I decided to ignore it and went back to bed. I got up later than normal, but decided I still had time to work out, so I headed downstairs and hopped on the stationary bike.

I still had a headache and I was feeling a bit grumpy and irritable. I knew I needed to do something to turn my day around. Riding the bike is so incredibly boring. I used to listen to music, but I would still find myself staring at the timer and urging it to go faster.

A while ago I decided that watching Netflix would be a good way to make the time go faster, so I decided last Wednesday was the perfect time to start watching Z Nation. There’s nothing like some zombie carnage to calm me down and ready me for the day. Oh, and I guess the exercise helped too.

When I came back upstairs to get ready, I realized that I was crunched for time. From there, it became a race to get ready for the day. As I rushed around the house trying to get myself ready, I also tried to get the boys in gear.

Normally, the first thing I do in the morning is check my email. Mainly because my alarm is on my phone and I can’t help but notice the envelopes when I shut it off. Since I was so tired and hurty on Wednesday, I didn’t notice, so I didn’t check my email until later that morning.

One of the emails I received that day said this:

I write from the BBC. Would you be able to speak on the BBC Radio 2 programme to Simon Mayo about the enduring appeal of zombies. Why we are obsessed with them and why they are still relevant today? We would need you at 17.20 GMT.

I didn’t even question it. I immediately hit the email address that was in the text and replied YES! (There was a little more text, but the basic message was yes.)  Then I rushed around the house and finished getting ready.

As I was in the process, it occurred to me that they had no idea what I was saying yes to. So I hurried downstairs to get on the computer (I had been on my phone earlier) and replied from there. This time, I replied to the email so they knew what it was in reference to and apologize for being overzealous.

Unfortunately, by that time (this was a little more than 2 hours after the initial email had been sent), they had already found another guest. I was bummed, but I couldn’t deny how freaking cool the situation was. I’m still smiling about it. So amazing!