Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Terminator Genisys

On Monday, the spouse and I went to see the new Terminator movie. I’ve been intrigued to see it since I saw the trailer. I wasn’t disappointed.

First of all, my movie needs are pretty simple. I like good fights and explosions. Eye candy is a plus, but having Arnie in it puts it over the top (most of the time. We could name a few of his horrible movies, but we won’t right now). I love that man. I’ve loved that man since I was a kid and watched him in the Conan movies. Which, by the way, I’m anxiously awaiting that film to come out!

However, just because it’s “simple” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a message. They focus on our fear of technology and how we are so afraid it’s going to get out of hand and kill us. In a way, these films are equivalent to zombie films. Seriously, think about it.

The cyborgs target and kill humans, just like zombies. They don’t eat them, but they still destroy them, and they do it relentlessly and without tiring.

They were both created by science and got out of hand.

They look just like us.

They are the cause of the apocalypse, and the survivors find themselves barely scraping by and constantly hiding from the threat. While the survivors can and do fight against the cyborgs, like zombies, the humans are vastly outnumbered and suffer heavy losses.

No wonder I like these films so much.

But I digress. I had a pretty good idea what to expect going into the film because I’d seen the trailer and read a few reviews. Plus, it’s Terminator. There are four in the franchise; there aren’t a lot of surprises in the plot.

I really enjoyed how they paid homage to the original two films and created an alternate time line. One of the best ways to reinvigorate a franchise is to stay true to its roots but introduce a new aspect to it to make it appeal to new audiences. The Star Trek reboot also did this very well.

The action in the film was amazing, the special effects fantastic. The plot was what you would expect—cyborgs from the future come back to kill Sarah Connor to keep John Connor from being born and save the human race—but there are a few twists along the way.

I will definitely be adding this movie to my collection when it comes out. I have a feeling even my boys will thoroughly enjoy this film, and I can’t wait to show it to them!

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

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