Monday, July 27, 2015

Learning to Let Things Go

This wasn't my original post.  My original post was much longer, more hate filled.

There was an incident last week.  One that affected me profoundly and left me feeling angry, confused, and sad.  I debated for days whether or not I would actually put it up, then hours before it was scheduled, I changed it to this.  And I'm happy I did.

There was no point putting up the other post.  All it would have done was continued to bring up the memories of what happened.  It may have made me feel like I had the morally superior high ground, but it wouldn't have changed anything.

The world will always be full of asshats.  There's no way to get away from that.  And they can have a profound impact on me.  They can make me feel bad about things, they can make me angry, they can make me weep for the state of humanity.  But I'm the only one who gets to decide if I let them dictate my actions.  It took me a while to get over what happened, and in some ways, I still can't let it go, but it won't rule my life.

Through all the emotions I felt from the incident, one thing became incredibly clear: I am surrounded by loving friends and family.  My family always has my back and is willing to beat the hell out of anyone who tramples my rights.  My friends sympathize with me, and they have my back too.

I can't stop bad things from happening, but I don't have to focus on the negative.  I'm surrounded by people who love me and will always be by my side.  These are the people that matter.  That's what's important.  When the world weighs me down, they are the ones who will lift me back up.

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