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Attempting to Hold Back the Anxiety…and Failing

Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to pick up Floki, a Corgi fur baby we are adding to our family. He is in addition to the female that we should be getting in a few weeks. I’m both excited and scared to death to bring him home.

I just found out yesterday that he’s being flown in.  That makes me even less comfortable!  I’m not a fan of flying, so no doubt I’m projecting my fear onto him, but still!  He’s going to be on a plane all by himself for 10 hours!  We don’t get to pick him up until 11:07 tomorrow night.

When I spoke to the airline, they assured me that they do this all the time and even though it’s a long day for him, he’ll be just fine.  I really want to believe them.  I hope they are right, but I won’t know until tomorrow.  Gah!  This is soooooo stressing me out!

Rolo’s death really shook me, and as someone who deals with anxiety and panic attacks, it’s hard for me to shake the illogical and look at the situation logically. I’m terrified the same thing will happen to Floki—or that something will happen to him on the plane. I’m afraid of going through the heartache and loss again.

I’ve been worrying about what’s going to happen in the future. I know I shouldn’t, but—again—I can’t always shut off my brain. I know I need to take it one day at a time, and I will, but some days will probably be harder than others.

Wish me luck. Two puppies at one time is going to be a challenge. My one and only hope is that they both live long, healthy, happy lives.