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The End of the Season...NOOOOOOO!

This is the first year I've been sad that snowmobile season is coming to an end.  I really wanted to go out a few more times to ride.  The end has come really early this year.  We've had years where we're still riding in May.  There is still a chance we could get some more snow, but it's not looking promising.

If any of you would be so kind, please send some snow my way.  I'd really appreciate it.  Not subarctic temperatures--snow.  Thanks in advance!

If you haven't had a chance to read the article I had published on American Snowmobiler, go check it out.  It's an in-depth look at my fears and how I overcame them.

Since the season is coming to an end and I'm really sad, enjoy these videos from what was probably our last trip out.  I'm going to keep my fingers crossed, hold my breath, and sacrifice something so that more snow comes our way.  Good times like these shouldn't end so early.