Monday, February 9, 2015

Pushing My Boundaries

I was 29 years old when I got my first sled.  I'd never been on one before.  It was both scary and exhilarating the first time I rode it.  I don't think I went over 20 mph, but it felt like I was flying down the trail.

The sled wasn't much to look at.  It was 1986 Yamaha Exciter.  It had very little suspension, no shocks, and no reverse.  People laughed at us when we took it off the trailer.  But we didn't care.  We were there to have fun, and have fun we did.

As we spent more time in the mountains, it became evident that I needed better equipment.  So my next sled was a 2006 Polaris 600 RMK.  I still own that sled.  I love it.  Recently, it had a lot of work done to it, so now it runs like it's brand new.  It's even more fun to take out.

Mine is the red one on the left.

I won't lie.  I'm not an adventurous rider.  In fact, I'm rather nervous.  I'm afraid of wrecking or careening off a cliff.  And I have before--not careened off a cliff, thank goodness!  I've rolled my sled and gotten it stuck in some pretty deep holes.  It's no fun at all, but my husband assures me it's part of riding.  That may be true, but I don't enjoy it.

My boys are at the age now where they have their own sleds.  They've always ridden with us, and they've always enjoyed it, but now they get to branch out.  And they have no fear.  They love tearing down the trails and going up hills.  They love playing in powder.  It's absolutely awesome to watch them. They have no fear, which scares the hell out of me, but seeing them out there on the snow is just absolutely amazing.

It became clear to me that if I wanted to spend quality time with my boys, I had to get better at riding.  I had to stop being afraid.  So, the last few times I've been out, I've been really trying to push my boundaries.  It helps that my equipment is running the way it's supposed to.  The rest is all mental.  

I've been doing pretty good at pushing my comfort level.  On Sunday, I even tried climbing some hills.  For me, that was a HUGE step.  I hate heights, so coming down is a bit scary for me, but if I'm going to hang with the boys, I have to be adventurous.  I still have a few limits with hills, however, and I found them while up riding.  But on the whole, it feels really good to try something new.  It made me feel brave.

Even my boys broke out of their comfort zones and went up some hills.  My oldest made it, but the youngest got stuck.  It happens.  And I'm proud of them for trying.

Next week, my husband and I are going to snowmobile camp in Colorado so I can learn new skills.  I'm tired of being afraid, and I'm going to do something about it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm more than a little nervous about it, but I'll be in good hands.  I'll let you know how it goes!  

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