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Interesting Weapons

I’m a big fan of finding new and intriguing weapons. While writing my zombie novels, I researched guns and other things to find the perfect way for my characters to kill zombies. During this search, I found handgun bayonets and arms swords. Recently, my husband brought to my attention a fire-arm mounted axe head

While all of these weapons seem incredibly cool and look awesome, I can’t help but wonder how helpful they would really be in a fight. A handgun bayonet? Really? You have to get awfully close to a zombie to use that. And if you’re already going to be close, why not just use a regular knife? I guess  a positive of having this attached to your gun would be that it would cut down on the amount of weapons you would have to carry.

Same thing with the axe mounted to a gun—less things to carry. But I feel like the axe would make your gun really heavy, and it would be awkward to swing if you had to. But I guess that would all depend on what type of gun you mount it to.

The arm swords seem like they would be a little bit more helpful for zombie fighting, but again, you have to get awfully close to your opponent to use them. Having them attached to your arms would help with leverage, but if they get stuck in something, getting them off could be problematic. With a regular sword, you would just let go. With this one, you actually have to unstrap it. You’d better hope you’re fast enough.

Again, I think these things are incredibly cool, just maybe not very effective. What do you think? Are these weapons you would use against the undead?