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Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember these books?  I do.  Vaguely.  I don't remember specifics (with the exception of one book I read that if you made a certain choice a giant spider killed you), but I remember reading them and enjoying them.

Recently, I found out that they have new Choose Your Own Adventure books, so Santa brought my boys some for Christmas.  They love them!  We always try to read right before bed, but this allows them to invest in the story.  They really enjoy making decisions and seeing where it gets them.  If they make a bad one, they go back the next night and make a different one.  It's a lot of fun.

Some books are better than others.  Some have decisions that have to be made right away, and some have text that drag on and on.  Those ones are a little harder to get into, and the boys start to zone out a little.  But, hey, at least we're still reading!

So far, the boys' favorite book is Zombie Penpal (hmmm, wonder where that came from), and we've gone back several times to make other choices.  It drives them crazy when the get blown up or the story ends abruptly.  It makes me laugh to see them react this way to a story.  It means they're really into it.

I'm hoping to find other adventure books like this for the kids to get invested in.  They enjoy being read to, and the oldest is getting into reading on his own, so keeping them interested in books is never a bad thing!