Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Things You Find at the Dump

I had to take some things to the landfill yesterday--a task I find both repulsive and fascinating.  While throwing my trash into the pile, I happened to notice that there was dog leg laying among the rubble.  It was still covered in the black fur, there wasn't any sign of blood on it, and I'm fairly certain the bone was poking out of the top, but I didn't get too close to examine.  I didn't want to risk a disease (and not necessarily from the leg.  The rest of the trash is crawling with pathogens too).

I contemplated taking a picture to share with you, but I figured that might be disturbing, so I didn't.  Sorry to those who wanted to see it!

It got me wondering:  Where is the rest of the dog?  Who would have put that in the trash in the first place?  What kind of person has a dog leg that can be thrown away?  What happened to separate the dog from his leg?

It crossed my mind later that the leg could have possibly come from a taxidermied animal, but all the same questions still apply.  It was the oddest thing ever.

And that, my friends, is how horror stories are born.

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