As Seen with Wonder and Excitement

Yesterday, I had to make a return at Walmart.  As expected, there was a huge line and the cashier was having issues.  In her defense, I think it was actually the equipment and not her fault, but I can't be 100% sure.  Anyway, while I'm standing there, I started thinking about how tired I was.  I mean, I was just exhausted, and I had so much to do.

There was a mom with a young son standing in line in front of us, and he was just cute as the dickens.  He thought my boys were pretty cool, and he reached out to touch my youngest's hand.  My youngest really likes babies/young children, so he was more than happy to indulge this young kid.  The baby giggled as their fingers touched.  It was really sweet.

As time clicked by and the line wasn't moving, the mom let her son down to run around.  He was thrilled.  Curious about everything, he promptly took off to check out the world, laughing and smiling the whole way.

As I watched, I couldn't help but smile.  His wonder and excitement were infectious.  At the time, my oldest was entertaining himself by walking around the cart, dragging his hand over the bars and me when he passed by.  My youngest was content sitting in the cart watching.  None of them were upset that we had to wait in line.  I was the only one that was inwardly annoyed by the process.

It made me think about how our world view changes the older we get.  How the crushing weight of disappointment, failure, and unfairness bend our backs.  It made me sad.  I mourned losing the ability to see the world through excited eyes.  I looked at my kids and became sad that they would lose that ability also.

After all, the world really is an awesome and cool place.  I'm often reminded of that watching shows on Discovery or reading articles about Ebola patients being cured.  I mean, think about the new lease on life they've just been given.  They were at death's door and didn't go through.  That has to change your outlook on life.

I decided at that moment that I needed to do something to regain my sense of wonder and excitement about the world.  I haven't figured out exactly what that is, but I'm working on it.  I'm excited to see how this is will turn out.

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