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A Week of Frustrations

I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I had some things to get done in the house, and I needed to get my head back on straight.  Last week was an incredibly frustrating week, and it was all stupid sh*t too.  Things like having to go to the paint store four times before they got the color to match or waiting in line in a drive thru for 10 minutes and still not having my order taken or trying to figure out the intentions of an agent when I only use my mind reading powers for evil.

I realize how silly all of these things are and that getting upset over them wasn't going to change anything.  I mean, eventually we got the paint to match, and I'm the only one who suffered at the drive thru because I didn't get any ice cream.  With the agent, well, that will turn out how it's going to turn out.  But I'm still human, so I'm allowed to have emotions, and those emotions aren't always pretty.

BUT since I can't change any of these things now, all I can do is move on and make this next week better than the last.  Things WILL be better.  I hope the rest of you have an awesome week too!