This past weekend, the spouse and I had a chance to get out of town and enjoy nature.  The boys were in Seattle with their grandma, so it was just the two of us and the dog.  I left my phone at home and just enjoyed the outdoors.  Sometimes it's so lovely and good for the soul to unplug and get back to nature.  Here's some photos from our trip.

Awesome rock pile that was surprisingly difficult to climb.

There was still snow up there!  It was awesome.  Ryder (the dog) really enjoyed cooling off in it.

We snowmobile in this meadow.  It's astounding how different it looks when it's filled up with snow.

Another shot of the meadow we ride in.  I had no idea there was a stream running underneath it!

We traveled to the top of a hill and found an abandoned mine.  After talking to a volunteer fire fighter who was also putzing around the area, we found out it was the Queen Mine.

The was the edge of the road as we were coming down the mountain.  This picture doesn't do it much justice, but it was really steep.