Let's Play a Zombie Survival Game, Week 1: Answers

The list was:

Bottled Water
Steel Toe Boots
4-Wheel Drive Truck

The correct order is:

1.  Bottled Water - you can only survive for 3 days without water, so this should be the top priority on your list.

2.  Machete - you will need a way to combat the undead should you encounter them, but it also has a practical purpose that will help you get through rough terrain or cut down vegetation that you could eat (which ensures you have energy to continue to run from/fight zombies).

3.  Steel Toe Boots - foot protection is essential, especially if you have to walk/run to get safely away from zombies.  They could also double as weapons and protection if you have a really close encounter.

4.  4-Wheel Drive Truck - while it seems like this should be higher on the list since it is a fast way to get away from the undead and offers protection, what happens when you run out of gas?  Or experience a mechanical issue?  What if the roads are impassable?  You don't want to get stuck and become a sitting duck.  

I need to make a correction.  ANYONE who participates in this game will be entered for a chance to win the prizes.


As was pointed out by a participant, there really is no "correct" answer for these.  Depending on the situation, anyone of these could be number one.  There are an infinite amount of scenarios to consider.  However, for the sake of the game (and since I made it up :)), I have posted "correct" answers with my reasons for why they are important.  This is just for funsies, but if it helps you think about survival in different ways, then I have succeeded in my mission!

Could I have everyone who participated this week please email me at pembrokesinclair at hotmail dot com or message me on Facebook?  Thanks!