Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let's Play a Zombie Survival Game, Week 1

I am going to give you a list of 4 items.  You will need to put these in order of importance and defend your order (this can be done in the comments here or on Facebook).  I will reveal the proper order and why at 6:00 pm MST Monday.

Those who put the items in the correct order will have a chance to win a pdf copy of Life After the Undead, Death to the Undead, or Finding Eden.  You will also be put into the drawing for the grand prize of a Zombie Survival Kit.  This particular game will be played on five separate Sundays.

Good luck!  Have fun!

The 4 items:

Bottled Water
Steel Toe Boots
4-Wheel Drive Truck


brittany smith said...

Bottle water
Steel toe boots
4 wheel drive truck

Diggity Donnie said...

Water, boots, truck, machete

stephanie daly said...

1. water is necessary for survival

2. wheel drive truck for navigating off road when roads blocked by cars/debris/zombies

3. steel toe boots for kicking zombies, avoiding zombie bites to feet, preventing blood/gore seepage through shoes

4. machete - not very useful as a weapon, will do in a pinch. ok when silence is required and wielding by someone strong enough to do the necessary damage to a zombie and retrieve it once imbedded in a zombie head

Stephanie Lunsford said...

***afterall if you have a truck & machete you can get away to find water