A Good Week

This week was a good week.  Nothing overly exciting happened, and I was incredibly busy with freelance edits and editing The Ifs Return for the publisher, but it went by fast.

I crossed a bunch of agents off my list this week.  Their window of response had closed.  It was bittersweet as that meant several less agents were interested in my work, but it gets me one step closer to knowing where the book will be published.  That doesn't make me sad.  At least it has a home.  And I'm already brainstorming a whole bunch of promotional ideas that should be really fun.  Of course, I'd do those no matter who put the book out.

I still have one agent interested--I think.  He hasn't given me a concrete rejection, and when I email him updates (which happens incredibly rarely), he says "Thanks for the update."  On one hand, it's a great response because I assume that means I'm still being considered, but on the other, it's irritating because I want a concrete answer either way.  Sigh.  I guess I just relish in the moment that he hasn't rejected me outright.

Speaking of the nonfiction zombie book, I got it back from the editor and sent it off to the people I interviewed for their approval/input.  I gave them until the end of the month to get it back to me, so I'm sooooo close to being done done.  It feels so freaking good!

As I mentioned up top, I'm also working on edits for The Ifs Return.  I just need to finish those up and send them back to the publisher.  I will get that done today.  I feel bad because I've had it for two weeks now, but I wasn't kidding when I said I've been busy.

My goal this coming week is to work on Dealing with Devils (the sequel to The Appeal of Evil).  I'm close on that one.  Maybe five chapters left before my first draft is finished.  To me, that's the hard part.  I like editing and rewriting--that means I actually have something down on paper!

I feel like this month is flying by super fast.  I feel like I haven't accomplished everything I want to accomplish, but I've done a LOT!  All I can do is keep plugging along, and that's what I plan to do.

Happy Saturday!