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Isis Erotica by Sandra Gore‏

Born with wanderlust, forever living in a fantasy world, Sandra Gore escaped the prairies of Kansas and followed the yellow brick road on a 25 year odyssey that took her to Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Starting with a one-way ticket to Iceland, Sandra returned with a Viking husband, an art degree and speaking five languages. She and her husband have two adult children and divide their time between a California beach house and a Las Vegas condo.

Sandra's work:
Red Mirror Series: The Red Mirror, The Emerald Tablet, The Black Scroll
Isis Erotica
Isis Beach Read
Sex and the Zen of Shopping: How to Live Rich by Shopping Smart

Life Choices Anthologies:
Navigating Difficult Paths "A True Love Story"
Pursuing Your Passion "The Muses Whisper"
Never Too Late "Road to Vegas"

Find Sandra online:
Sandra’s Magazine
Sandra Political Activist on Twitter

This is a romantic erotic adventure story - edgy, intelligent, and sensual. Set in Las Vegas and Ancient Egypt, Isis Erotica is the steamy shorter version of the novel, The Red Mirror, and is packed with intrigue, action and torrid love scenes. If you want to go right to the juicy parts, use the links in the special Table of Contents to jump to those vignettes.

The Hathor Power. They teach in the temple that there's an animal energy in us that conjures up base desire mingled with the potent allure of intense sensuality and deep mystery. The magical spell of the goddess Hathor transforms raw lust into the promise of pleasure and satisfaction known only by the gods.

"I have secrets," her aura teased. "Wonderful secrets that only I can share."

"There is more to this collection than a love story. Add in reincarnation and mysterious artifacts that cross time. The writing is high quality and full of imagery. I highly recommend Ms Gore's work."

Four hot men. They all want her. Who will have her? Does she have to choose?

Who says a woman should have only one man?

Who says there's a Mr. Right?

One man and one life are not enough for Isis. She has the Power.

"I was transported through time to a world of Egyptian gods and goddesses, temples and high priestesses, honeyed dates and cleansing oils. And a woman who will never be satisfied by just one man, although Isis does love them all with great intensity. She has great taste too - these men are to die for."

The Isis Erotica collection is comprised of three connected adventures that can be downloaded as ebooks in three parts: The Red Mirror, The Persian General and The Great Green

Part One: The Red Mirror. Who knew an old mirror in an antique store would promise pleasures more sensuous than any dream? Isis meets River God of bronzed flesh and snowy linen, the man with The Touch. She will do anything to feel that touch, even cross through time.

Part Two: The Persian General. A wild desert hunt goes all wrong when Isis is kidnapped by the Persian General. A bull of a man with legs like the columns of a temple, he holds her life in his thick fingers. But Isis has a destiny, and Isis has the Power - the Hathor Power.

Part Three: The Great Green. Isis is the chosen one, chosen by her father Hermes Trismegistus to protect the Emerald Tablet. But Isis needs protection herself from the evil Crown Prince and the invading Persians. Cosmic forces bring together the circle of souls in two passion-filled nights - one below deck on River God's ship on the Nile and the other on the Las Vegas Strip.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
It started with my purchase of an old mirror in a Las Vegas antique mall—the Red Mirror. I knew that very night that I had to write about it.

At first I was going to do a book on the Silk Road with a progression of owners who each added a detailed layer to the frame. But I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt. I studied Egyptology. I’ve been there several times. Egypt is what I know best.

At the time I was part of a meditation circle with a small group of people who believed that they’d known each other over many lifetimes. The concept intrigued me. I wanted to work it into the story.

Once I started writing, it was Isis who told the story. If ever someone channeled a book, it was me. There were times when I closed my eyes, and the story flowed through my fingertips to the keyboard.

I think I invented Isis, but I’m not sure. I think I put her in the scenes, but I’m not sure. It might just be that Isis invented me, Sandra Gore, the author.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
I wrote the original book of 325 pages in six weeks. Editing took longer. I ended up with three versions, the intricate original, now titled “The Red Mirror,” a zippy sanitized version called “Isis Beach Read” and “Isis Erotica.”
Why did I write three versions?
I created “Isis Erotica” because one of my First Readers photocopied the sex scenes before passing on the book. I thought, why not write a version that’s all action and sex? Maybe eliminate a character or two. When I began the process, Isis took on another persona. I wrote more deliberately in sensual mode. I wrote in first person. The story is told entirely as seen through Isis’ hypnotic green eyes.

“Isis Beach Read” stems from an agent’s comment that the book should be zippier. It also was born of feedback from First Readers uncomfortable with the explicit sex. So I fine-tuned the story, simplifying Egyptian names (Crown Prince instead of Psamtik), shortening the book by about one third, always keeping the pace fast, and while leaving in all the sex scenes, leaving more to the reader’s imagination.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Escape. Adventure. I’m never sure how the story is going to progress until I get there. My characters keep surprising me. I put them in a scene and then see what they do. That’s when it’s most fun. When I don’t expect what happens.

Because my husband publishes my books (Tajine Publishing), I get to do the interior layout and design the covers. Writing is double pleasure. I create visually as well as verbally. My art degree has a big influence on the cinematic vision in my mind. A fan wrote, “Sandra’s not a writer, she’s a painter of words.”

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Being stuck. Being afraid the characters won’t take over. Being afraid I won’t tell the story in the way it deserves to be told. Being afraid no one will want to read it. It’s so important to share. That’s why writers write. I mean, why else except to communicate?

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be why?
The Dalai Lama. He seems so incredibly at one with himself. So peaceful. I’d like to feel the love that fills him, to experience the glow of Oneness.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Let me go look.
Oops! Arctic Cod Liver Oil. The price ticket says 10-06-08, but I think that might be the expiration date. Can something so gnarly expire? In any event, the blue bottle is about 2/3 full. I vaguely remember it being recommended as good for me—advice I obviously failed to heed.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
I’m finishing the third novel of the Red Mirror Series, “The Black Scroll” about black magic in Roman North Africa with visits to modern Libya and London. Isis of Las Vegas travels through the Red Mirror to her life as Elektra and rises from slave to goddess.

After The Black Scroll, I’ll put together “Red Mirror Erotica,” a compilation of sex scenes from the three books of the series. I haven’t decided if I’ll weave a story to connect the scenes or present them as vignettes.

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