Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plus One by Brighton Walsh

Brighton Walsh is a storyteller at heart. Whether through words or pictures, she's been weaving tales for as long as she can remember. After decades of cultivating her writing, she finally decided to give life to the voices in her head and set forth to write her first novella. Love is her first love, and writing about it is a dream come true. When she's not writing, you can find her with her nose buried in a steamy book or partaking in some retail therapy. She lives in the Midwest with her swoony husband and two energetic kids who (fortunately) know nothing about the naughty things she puts down on paper.

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Olivia hates the singles scene, so when her best guy friend, Ian, offers to be her plus one to a series of weddings she has to attend, she agrees. Although she doesn't want to complicate their lifelong friendship, she can't pass up the chance to have a steady date without the dating drama. What she doesn't expect is to now find Ian so incredibly sexy.

When Ian sees his old friend Olivia dolled up for wedding #1, the boyhood crush he once nurtured transforms into smoldering attraction. It doesn't take long for their no-strings arrangement to turn physical. But as Olivia's desire to stay "just friends" becomes clear, Ian's feelings are deepening. In the time they have together, how will Ian convince Olivia that one plus one can make for a lifelong pair?

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
When I first decided to try my hand at original fiction, I was actively seeking writing prompts. I came across a call for submission from a smaller press. The call was for “secret crushes” in whatever way, shape or form we wanted to write them. From that little prompt, Plus One sort of blew up in my mind.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
The initial draft took about a month to write. Throw in edits and polishing, it was just over two.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
There are honestly so many things I love about writing, but probably my favorite is being able to write the exact book I’d want to read. Of course, it isn’t always quite so fun doing that. Kind of like how sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them. ;)

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
It can be super discouraging. A lot of people think it’s easy being a writer, but you are trudging through an uphill battle every single day. To get words down, to make your characters/plot/conflict work, to get an agent/publisher to believe in your work as much as you do. But that’s also what makes it so rewarding, because when all those things come together it’s amazing.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
What a fun question! And what a hard question. Let’s see…I’d probably be Melissa McCarthy because she’s hilarious and I’d laugh at myself all day long.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
I’m a little scared to look, honestly. Probably a bottle of salad dressing. *goes to look* Nope, I was wrong. It’s a bottle of Grenadine, and I’d say it’s a good 3 years old. Does that stuff ever get bad? Ew.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
I have a novella coming out in November or December in Carina Press’s holiday collection. Next February, I have a short story included in an anthology from Cleis Press. And in the meantime, I’m working my tush off to sell some of the other things I have written, all the while working out these plot bunnies that keep attacking me.

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