For the Love of Big Orange by Leta Gail Doerr‏

Leta Gail is a small town girl with big dreams, who shares her life with her husband, son, and little dog Kimmy. She enjoys exercise, (as if), planning family vacations, dreaming up places to go with her husband, reading, tinkering with computer software, and watching her son grow.

She is a Project Manager by day working in Information Technology, who moonlights as a writer. She has a monthly column, Blonde Bytes, in a women's publication- Pastelle Magazine, where she writes about fun geeky stuff.

She loves to write about great friendships and deep emotions. She finds the humor in everyday life and creates believable characters she hopes her readers will enjoy. She likes story lines like, life after divorce, strong-willed women making their mark on the world, and finding love in unexpected places. She also enjoys writing tales that salute our nation's heroes.

She enjoys the super support of her husband and inquisitive son while she dreams big and "shoots for the moon", as her husband so aptly states.

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Twitter: @LiteraryBlonde

They say you can never go home. Well, Lacie Joe Jensen never wanted to.

Lacie Joe left small town Kentucky for the big city lights and never looked back. Until now. Her ailing foster-father needs her, his memory is failing. But townsfolk remember all too well the troubles Lacie Joe caused as a youth, and they're not afraid to remind her.

Lacie Joe has a few allies in town, for starters, ex-boyfriend turned police officer Jay Hayworth. Jay's kept the fire burning for Lacie during her long absence. He's one of the bright spots in Lacie's troublesome past, him and her truck, Big Orange. A suspicious accident forced Lacie Joe to leave town, Jay steps in to remind Lacie she no longer has the right to remain silent.

Hello! Thank you so much for hosting me today. It is my pleasure to meet you and your readers. Best of luck with all of your writing. The Brides and Dark Secrets is very intriguing!

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
For the Love of Big Orange was inspired by my strong belief that sometimes the key to helping yourself is through helping others. The heroine, Lacie Joe, has a long list of poor choices and turbulent childhood. She grew up in the foster-care system and was eventually taken in by a family in rural Kentucky. It’s there that she finds her forever home, but her past catches up with her and she makes some choices that seem irreversible.

Her story progresses and she discovers that the key to redemption and moving herself from being a victim to victor is by helping a group of kids who come from the same background as she, as well as her ailing foster-father and a man, Big Willie, who she wronged in the past.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
The idea, characters and setting rattled around in my brain and made its way to sticky notes over the course of several months. When I finally buckled down and focused on writing the story, it took approximately three months.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
I enjoy the research part of writing the most. I love learning about a new topic that I may have previously been unfamiliar with. Some of the scenes within Big Orange take place at horseback riding stable, FiddleStix.

My grandfather was a handler and avid horse lover. His love of horses has been passed down through generations, including to my father. Through interviews with my Dad, I learned far more than I ever imagined about how horses are trained, cared-for and what can really spook a guide horse.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
All aspects of the actual craft of writing are truly fascinating to me. The marketing and promotion side is the biggest bear to me!

Keeping up with social media and advertising are all great places to meet and connect with Readers (which I love to do), but it can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
I have a bottle of Muscadine Grape Juice; it’s about two years old. I purchased it in the Smoky Mountains at a little roadside store that sells beef jerky and grape juice. What a combination! I’m waiting for a special event crack it open and share a toast with my family. Maybe when the Bluegrass Novella Series hits the charts;)

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
I’m so glad you asked! For the Love of Big Orange is the first of the Bluegrass Novella Series. The second, To Have Mercy, will be released this summer. The third, Finding Justice, will release in early fall. I’m not sure yet if we’ll stop at three or continue. I’ll have to see what the characters have to say.

I’m also working on the second and third books in the Shady Oaks Novel series. Book one, The Prince at the Corner Bakery, is available now. Fifty-two Ways to Flirt and Fine by Moonlight will be the second and third books in the series.

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