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Then Came Love by Mona Ingram‏

Mona Ingram was born in Ontario, Canada. Her family moved to British Columbia when she was twelve, and she can't imagine living anywhere else. In recent years she has lived in the Okanagan Valley and on Vancouver Island. In addition to reading and writing, traveling and bird watching are among Mona’s favorite pastimes.

Mona writes contemporary romance novels and takes great delight in creating unexpected twists and turns in her story lines. She frequently sets her books in areas which are familiar to her, immersing the reader in the setting. One reader recently commented that “after reading Fixing Freddie, I felt as though I’d been on a trip to Vancouver.”

Twitter: @MonaIngram1

Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Amanda Reimer grabs the opportunity to go on a short holiday by herself. An undercover cop, Jackson Galloway is a member of the RCMP Green Team, and he’s in the interior of British Columbia to find a marijuana grow-op. Jackson gives Amanda a lift to Loon Lake Resort and is intrigued by the gentle woman. The chemistry between the two is immediate and powerful, but Amanda is determined to stick to her marriage vows...besides, she’s afraid of her husband. Jackson is just as determined...to see Amanda again when the drug bust is over.

But will the growing love between Amanda and Jackson survive the pressures of finding the grow-op?

Join Amanda and Jackson in a journey of discovery, where the ultimate destination is love.

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Welcome, Mona.

Thanks, Pembroke. Glad to be here. I’m so glad to hear you opened up your blog to other authors. As you know, we’re a chatty lot! Speaking of which, I’d better get on to your questions.

What inspired you to write Then Came Love?
Each one of my stories starts with a little nugget. I find them everywhere. In this case, I was listening to the news on the car radio, and heard about a drug bust by a branch of our famous RCMP. I started doing research, and learned that British Columbia, like many states to the south, is an ideal place to hide a grow-op. All that land...those valleys...and our climate is a lot warmer than many people realize. The rest of the story was fairly easy to flesh out.

How long did it take you to write?
I got lucky on this one, because I didn’t have any major interruptions. It took slightly under a month, including polishing and editing.

What is your favorite thing about writing?
I love it when the words flow onto the screen effortlessly. But I also like the logistics of writing. My genre is contemporary romance, so the settings are based in reality. Of course I give my imagination free rein when I describe interiors of buildings, and layouts of towns, but what I really enjoy is making sure that all the pieces fit together properly. So and so does such and such...but why? In Then Came Love, for example, Amanda agrees to work in the kitchen at the fishing resort. Where did she get the experience, and how does it fit in with the story? Or, how does her husband find her, when she’s not where he thought she’d be? I needed to know some technical stuff about cell phones – range, and how they’d react if left out overnight. So I popped on down to the local cell phone store and they were glad to help. The creation of the story is my primary love, but I enjoy making sure that all the facts make sense.

If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Pembroke, are you trying to stump me? ‘Cause this almost did it. You see, I hate the thought of being famous; of having people looking at me.

Okay, I’d be Kim Jong-un. I’d open up North Korea’s borders permanently, and liquidate all my personal assets to feed my starving people.

What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Gotcha! A box of baking soda that’s been there since I moved in two and a half years ago. I think there’s also some sweet and sour sauce back there keeping it company.

What can readers expect from you in the future?
I have so many new stories rattling around in my head; it’s hard to keep them all straight. I think the trilogy will win out. Three friends, whose unique stories are interwoven, yet stand alone. I’m looking forward to that.

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Cupid Rocks by Francesca Hawley

Hi. I’m Francesca Hawley and I’m a fat chick. A woman with dangerous curves just like my heroines.

Many people don’t like the word, “fat” but I do because it’s the truth and I’ve learned to own it. I am a fat chick and I always will be. Even if my fairy godmother popped in right at this moment and waved her wand to make me a size 2, I know that mentally and emotionally I’d still be a fat chick. So why is this relevant? Well, my size has had a major influence on how I see the world and how I write.

I first began to read romance when I was in my teens. I loved the genre, but the heroines were all thin. Their thighs didn’t rub together…had never rubbed together…and frankly I had trouble relating to these ladies. The stories were great—full of emotion and well told, but the heroines weren’t like me and that was a major disappointment. I kept wondering where were the fat heroines? I found some occasionally, but to have their Happily Ever After they usually had to lose weight and go from ugly duckling to swan.

Well, I wanted a fat heroine who loved herself—or at least learned to love herself—and a hot alpha hero who liked her jiggly bits just the way they were. Since I didn’t find many big girls to read about, I decided to write about them myself. After all, I loved to write anyway and had been writing almost as long as I’d been reading, so Francesca Hawley – author of Romance with Dangerous Curves was born.

In a Francesca Hawley romance, my readers will find authentic, sensual, fat heroines who love and are loved by their intense, passionate, and seductive Alpha heroes. I hope you enjoy their dangerous curves just as much as their hunky heroes do.






When her parents’ rock band The Pack performs at Zach’s bar, Mandy discovers her True Mate, Joe Blackwolf, the band’s lead singer and guitarist. All she has to do now is convince Joe that she told a little white lie to make her mom happy, her father that rock musicians aren’t all alike, and her new mate’s family that rockers aren’t all that different from classical musicians.

Joe Blackwolf is celebrating his fortieth birthday. And what he wishes for when he blows out the candles is to find his True Mate. He succeeds when he meets Mandy Goldwolf. Problem is…she belongs to someone else. Finding out the truth leaves him free to explore every inch of her smokin’ hot curves, but now Joe and Mandy are neck deep in overbearing relatives and everyone is in for a rockin’ Valentine’s Day.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave. 

Thanks so much for hosting me today! I'm really excited to be here and share Cupid Rocks with you.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
I came up with the concept of Mandy's lie first. A young female being hounded by her parents - her mother in particular - to find a male and settle down to provide grandchildren. I also came up with the idea of an older rocker celebrating a milestone birthday who'd been on the road a long time and had no spouse or kids and wanted more in his life. So I mixed the two together and came up with Mandy and Joe, my leads for Cupid Rocks.

I also adore the secondary characters for this story. Joe's parents and Mandy's parents threaten to take over the story at points so I had to restrain them. Zach, Mandy's heat buddy, is a great guy too and he's been tapping my shoulder and encouraging me to finish his story. Overall, Cupid Rocks was a fun story to write.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
This one probably took me a year. It's been sitting on my computer longer than that because I was hoarding the story a bit. I really loved Joe and Mandy and didn't want to let them go, so the story didn't get finished for quite some time. But finally, I felt the push to share these characters with my readers.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Allowing my creativity full rein. I love starting with nothing and building characters, setting and plot to tell a sexy love story.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
The aloneness. Writing is a very solitary career and it can get lonely. I wonder if I'm writing a good story. If my characters are interesting. I worry that I'm writing crap that no one will like. There's something of a vacuum there. But then I hear from readers who enjoy my work and it makes all the difference in the world.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
I don't really want to BE a famous person for a day. I don't know if I'd like the notoriety and intense scrutiny of being famous, but there are many famous women that I'd aspire to be like. I'd like to emulate Hillary Clinton in that she's smart, fierce and takes no crap from anyone. Michelle Obama is one of my personal heroes too. She's smart, passionately committed to helping others and family focused. Finally, Betty White impresses the heck out of me because she's wicked funny with a love of animals and a commitment to helping them. I hope I could be as beloved as Betty when I get to be ninety-something.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Well, I just moved so I'm happy to say the oldest thing in my fridge is only a couple of weeks old. I had to throw away a LOT of stuff from my fridge when I moved.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
I'll definitely be writing more shapeshifter novels. I have another Predator-Match.com story where Serena helps Cyn Redwolf, of Lady Cyn designs, and Nico Blackwolf, a photographer get together for a photo shoot for Cyn's catalog and web site. Serena doesn't "formally" arrange the match, but she provides the introduction and nags them both to get to know one another better.

I'm also planning on getting back to medieval England to write Falc and Eirene's story. I want to write Andy Larson's story too. It's in the works, but he's being a challenging Dom and not cooperating with me...yet.

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