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I don't normally post on Saturdays, but I thought today was a good exception. I didn't spend a lot of time on the Internet yesterday, but when I finally checked my email, I had two messages waiting for me. They both informed me that a certain publisher printed an anthology with one of my stories in it. He didn't have my permission.

I used to work with this guy. I used to think he was on the up and up. Last November, he sent me an email and asked if I wanted to be in the anthology. I was flattered. I wrote him a story, then I found out that he was a plagiarist and stole the cover art to my novella. I told him to withdraw my submission immediately, which he said he did. Well, here were are 8 months later.

He's trying to profit off other people. He didn't contact any of the authors in that book to let them know he was printing it. Just because he credits the stories to them, that doesn't make it right. He wants all the money for himself. If you want further information, please check out this blog. You can also read all about the weasel here.

Here's what I'm asking you to do: please don't buy this book. I've already posted the story I wrote on my blog, and I'm going to repost it tomorrow. I haven't told you what book it is because I don't want to inadvertently cause traffic to the site. Trust me, I ALWAYS pimp my books here and tell you which ones to buy. If you see something with my story and think, "Hey, Pembroke didn't tell me about that!" That's probably the book.

Feel free to email me with more questions if you desire. We need to shut this guy down!