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Movie Review Monday

I watched TWO movies this weekend. After working all day on Friday, I needed something mindless. The movies obliged!

I Sell the Dead (2008)

I never even heard about this movie until one of my friends at work recommended it. It wasn't bad. A little slow, but it had it's humorous parts. Basically, it is the story of Arthur, who has been arrested and is awaiting beheading for body snatching. A priest comes into take his last confession, and Arthur tells him stories of running into vampires and zombies while looking for corpses.

The idea of the story was wonderful. But, like I said, it was a little slow. It was only an hour and a half long, but I found myself glancing at the clock wondering when it was going to be over. I was glad I experienced the film, but I probably won't watch it again.

Machete (2010)

I really have no idea what to say about this movie. I was expecting so much more, and was very disappointed. I knew it was going to be bloody and violent, and I really enjoyed that part, but otherwise...It had Lindsey Lohan in it. Need I say more?

It was definitely an exploitation film. And you had to suspend a lot of disbelief. A LOT! The stereotypes got old by the end, and I think even the director gave up. If you've seen the final battle scene, you'll understand what I mean.

All in all, I was a little disappointed with my movie selections, but at least I didn't have to think too hard about them. It was nice to let my mind wander.