Book Review: Interview with a #Vanlifer by M.K. Williams

The other day while scrolling through Instagram, I came across an ad for “Voracious Readers Only.” Intrigued by the name and the bright colors, I clicked on the link to find out what it was all about.

Long story short, it’s a site that connects readers to authors who are looking for reviewers. I decided that since I’m not planning on writing anything anytime soon and since I’m always looking for new books to read, I would give it a try. This review is for the first story I finished reading.

I’m hoping to make reviews a regular occurrence. I have a list of stories that I want to read, and I also want to stay connected to the publishing world (even if I’m not currently contributing). I thought this would be the best way.


Interview with a #Vanlifer by M.K. Williams

I really enjoyed this short story. It was such a great take on vampires and environmental stewardship. You may not think that those two things go together, but M.K. Williams makes it work. It highlights environmental topics in a new and interesting way, and it made me want to do better.

It did NOT want me to become a vampire. There are way too many complications with that.

The other thing I really liked about the story were the allusions to traditional and pop culture vampire stories. From the title, you can tell that the author was influenced by Anne Rice, and she nods to her throughout the story. She also nods to other vampire authors and creators throughout the narrative as well. I don’t want to give them all away, as you should experience them as you read the text.

Her inclusion of current social trends and technology also give this story an incredibly modern and “trending” feel. What the characters want to achieve and how they are setting out to accomplish their goals doesn’t feel outdated or “old.” Despite the fact that the vampires have been around for several decades at this point, they are able to change with the times to get their missive across. The message here is clear: being heard means finding the best tool to speak to the right audience.

In addition to environmental issues, the author does an amazing job of bringing other social concerns to the forefront, including the spread of viruses and “human” nature. There is no shortage of scientific realism mixed with fantasy, and it makes the story believable yet also a great escape.

The story is only about 12,000 words (or 64 pages, according to Amazon), but there’s a lot of information and entertainment packed into these pages. Whether you search out vampire stories or like a message about being better stewards to the planet, you might delight in this story. If nothing else, it’ll get you away from the horrors of reality for a short amount of time.
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