Movie Review Monday

Jumanji (2017)

I don’t remember seeing a bunch of previews for this movie, and it wasn’t even on my radar for things to watch. One of my coworkers told me it was funny, but I’m fairly certain the only reason I watched it was because it has The Rock in it. Therefore, I had no expectations for the film.

Still, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a funny movie. I’ve never seen the first Jumanji film, although I know what the basic plot of the movie is. I really liked how this one was updated to incorporate video games. My boys were able to relate to it on that level.

Jack Black was awesome in this movie. Actually, everyone was fantastic in this movie, and the dynamics between the characters made the film enjoyable. The teeny-bopper stuff got a little old, but coming of age was the point of the movie, so it kind of needed to be there. Thankfully, it didn’t take up too much of the film.

If you’re looking for some action and adventure with humor and a message, Jumanji might be the film for you. My family and I enjoyed it, and it was a good way to spend a Friday evening.

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