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Sneak Peek for Rougarou Chronicles Novella Book 2 by Cadence Rae.

Chapter 1~ Mother of the Pack

Emmaline led me to the sitting room. There was a two plush chairs on either side of the most comfortable looking sofa with a coffee table in front on them, all facing a floor to ceiling window that had a magnificent view of the mountains and the quickly setting sun. Gorgeous could not even come close to describing this view. The sky was painted with blues, pinks, and purple as a yellowish orange sun fell behind the trees in the distance. We were on the side of the city where there were more housing developments than city living. It was nice to live in a quiet, seemly safe and drama free gated community with mansions contained in their own gated property just for extra privacy and plenty of land. The houses were far enough that you could throw a party with music blasting to high heaven and it wouldn’t faze your neighbors.

A young lady brought in ice tea and cucumber sandwiches, which I never had before but were pretty good, if I say so myself. Emmaline asked if I enjoyed the snack and tea and I replied I was satisfied with the nourishments provided. Here in the south we love our ice tea so that was a nice semblance of home, although home wasn’t the best of places and I’m happier away from there. Emmaline was sitting next to me on the sofa.

She gently took my hands in hers urging me to look at her, as I looked into her eyes she spoke, “Ari, I want you know you can always come and talk to me if you need, I’m here to listen and give advice if you want it, don’t be afraid to ask. As pack mother, just like any other mother I’ve sat with many who just needed a listening ear, someone they could confide in, or advice.” “Not my mother.” I mumbled, not really wanting her to hear but I monetarily forgot about those heightened wolf senses and more than excellent hearing. Crap!

“Ari, I’m sorry you had a mother who was less than what you needed her to be, but not all mothers are that way and as part of our pack and my son’s mate, you essentially my daughter. We take family very serious here, everyone one is important and I make sure all needs are met including emotional ones, so as your pack mother/mother in law, I promise to show you how a mother is supposed to treat their children and try to help you heal from the scars that were left by her neglect.”

I felt my eyes start to sting threatening to bring on the waterworks, but I was tired of crying so I took a deep breath and answered her, “Thank you Emmaline, that means a lot to me, I can see why Kyler loves you so much and holds you in such high esteem.”

She hugged me and as she pulled back she replied. “Thank you for that but I think Kyler may be bias, I have my flaws like everyone else. I just try my best to help and comfort others where I can. I’ve always had the desire to help others, I guess it’s part of my personality. And speaking of that, is there something I can do to help ease your doubt or fear of being Kyler’s mate or part of this pack?”

I swallowed hard, took a deep breath and blew it out slow, I hope I wasn’t overstepping my bounds by asking this but Kyler did mention it. “Well, I do have something to ask you but please by no means am I trying to be rude and you are more than welcome to tell me it’d none of my business and decline to answer.”

“Go on sweets, never be afraid to speak your mind with me.”

“Kyler said you has issues when you first found out you were Dante’s mate and you may have more insight into what I’m feeling since you have been in a similar circumstance as me.”

Emmaline gave me a sad sweet smile, I guess remembering still brings back some negative emotions, “Dante’s father was Alpha of our pack. I grew up with him but we never really talked, we ran in different crowds, so to speak. I was still just 17 until July and had a few months left of my senior year of high school, and we aren’t usually claimed by our mate until we are 18 or older. So, when Dante approached me and made it known that he planned to claim me the month after I turned 18, I freaked. How was I supposed to mate this boy, well I guess you can call him a man because he was 20 at the time, anyway I barely knew him and no way was I prepared to Alpha Female. I was shy and kept to myself and my small group of friends. Well he decided we should date so we can get to know each other, though I wasn’t very keen on this idea I agreed out of respect for my future Alpha. Don’t get me wrong, Dante took me on some romantic dates and was a gentleman, always opening doors and pulling out my chair and respected me by never trying anything past a chastised kiss after out third date. He was sweet and I was beginning to fall for him, of course I wasn’t ready to admit it to anyone, including myself. One night when he received a call from his father to go take care of some of his boys who had gotten into a bar fight before the cops arrived and complicated the matter. Not surprisingly, the boys where drunk beyond reason and fighting over a girl, who apparently had walked off when the fight begun, deciding she didn’t want either boys if they were going to be so childish. Dante hulled the boys back to pack house while his soon to be beta took the other kid home and talked him out of pressing charges seeing that they were all underage drinking. When we exited the vehicle at the pack house, Dante grabbed the boy that was in the fight by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the vehicle. That made me flinch to see him so angry and things went downhill from there, pulled the Alpha card on him and proceeded to what the kids these days say, ‘tear him a new one’. I am sure the guy was scared senseless because I know I was, I was shaking from head to toe. I’d never seen Dante use any violence or hear such anger in his voice, I’m sure his wolf was on the verge of taking over. Well, being the weakling I perceived myself to be, I ran thinking there was no way I could mate and marry a man prone to violence. I quickly packed my bags, emptied my savings I had hidden in a box under my bed, and took the first bus to anywhere.”

Right about then I was in a war between shock, fear for her, and amusement of how we had both ran fast as far as we could get. She must have seen it in my eyes or maybe she just smelled my emotions because she responded by saying, “Yes Ari, we do have some things in common and I have been in your shoes once upon a time, and it may be ironic that my son’s mate reacted the same as his mother to the mating idea.” “So what happened next? I can only imagine how furious Dante was when he realized you skipped town.” “Yes, he about lost his mind, he told me later shortly after I snuck away to my room to pack to run, his father showed up and calmed him and dished out punishment to the boy who fought and the other boys who were drunk out of their minds; drinking and drugs and any trouble with the law was not acceptable in our pack, we were taught better than that. From what Dante tells me, when he didn’t see me outside he went to my room to apologize and realized I was gone. After informing his dad of the situation, he and his beta were about to set out to follow my trail and bring me back home. However, his mother intercepted them and insisted on going along and allowing her to speak to me first before Dante came blazing in. He begrudgingly agreed and waited very impatiently outside my hotel room. His mother helped calm my fears about mating an Alpha and promised that a wolf would never allow harm to come to their mate, even by their own hand. She also said she could see the leader in me and my compassion would make me a great Alpha female and that she would guide me in growing into that leader. I guess Dante had reached his patience level because just about that time he banged on the door and demanded in. His mother opened the door, quietly chastised him for being rude and demanding, after he apologized she stepped aside and let him in the room. I could see the hardness on his face and was prepared for a tongue lashing but strangely when our eyes met he immediately calmed, his face softened, and I swear I saw love there but I was not ready to acknowledge that latter part. He slowly stalked toward me and I suddenly thrown into fight or flight mode but my mind was at war about which path to take and before I could decide he was in front of me softly cupping my face, apologizing for his outburst, promising it wouldn’t happen again. For some reason I believed him and as I nodded my head in acceptance he wrapped me in his arm where all of a sudden I felt safe and a sense of home. I have a revelation that this was where I truly belonged and apologized for running and promised not to do it again. He let go of our embrace, cupped my face in his hands a gave me the sweetest, softest kiss that made me weak in the knees, that was the point I came to terms with being his mate and Alpha Female. His father did think it was a splendid idea for us to attend pre-marriage counseling with our church pastor. To our astonishment this aided us it growing closer as a couple and learn to also be friends, which is important in a relationship.”

Lucky Number: 4

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