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Plight of the Highlander by Sky Purington

Sky Purington is the best-selling author of thirteen novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

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With the dragon blood of her Viking ancestors coursing through her veins, Torra MacLomain has long tried to keep her Scottish clan safe. But a ruthless enemy has been watching...waiting. As Keir Hamilton launches his plan to possess her, many secrets come to light including her passion for a certain highlander.

When Colin MacLeod's undying love for Torra is discovered, he's given an ultimatum. Watch his lass die a brutal death or defect from his clan to lead the Hamilton armies. Four winters later and in charge of Keir's warriors, Colin battles in an ongoing war against the MacLomains. Yet now the worst has come to pass. His ill-found chieftain has finally trapped Torra.

In a castle siege unlike any other and because of time travel, the modern day Brouns and medieval MacLomains join together in a final stand-off against their merciless enemy. Battles rage. Mysteries are revealed. Freedom is found. But most importantly, a love long repressed at last rises up determined to conquer all in Plight of the Highlander.

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From start to finish, The MacLomain Series: Next Generation has been a romantic adventure that managed to surprise me on several occasions. By the time I made it to Plight of the Highlander, I was more than eager to share Torra and Colin’s story.

I’ve never written about characters that fell in love then were torn apart for four long years. Bringing them back together allowed me to better appreciate the sacrifices made for love. Hence, this became a story not only about the strength of true love but all the mistakes that can be made along the way. Mistakes, in this case, that must be forgiven if good can ultimately conquer evil.

So rather than delve too much into the plot, I thought instead to share three unknown facts about the heroic couple in this tale.

Torra MacLomain…

- Has spoken telepathically with two ancestors, deceased kings, for years: King Erc of the Dalriada clan and Viking King Naðr Véurr.

- She loved another man before she met Colin MacLeod.

- She struck a deal with Viking seers to keep her dragon blood repressed.

Colin MacLeod…

- Secretly met with Torra nearly a year before being forced to lead Keir Hamiton’s armies.

- He visited Torra on rare occasion but only through the fire on the hearth in her chamber. Never in person.

- He was once close friends with Valan, Keir Hamilton’s son and the man Torra loved before she met Colin.

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Sky said...

Thanks so much for featuring Plight of the Highlander. :)

~S. Purington

Janice Hougland said...

I've read lots and lots of Highlander romances, but I've never read one with dragons or dragon shifters. This should prove very, very interesting. :-) Thanks for the post. jdh2690@gmail.com