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Lord Griffin’s Prize by Katalina Leon‏

I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id Publishing and a couple new publishers to be announced soon. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a big sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

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Part of the Emerald Isles Fantasies series

Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the unexpected happens. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds and a lonely griffin patrols the ramparts waiting to reclaim its mate. And that’s just the beginning.

For the adventure of a lifetime Maeve de’Burgo visits Tullamore to study genealogy. Through a magical act and time travel she becomes embroiled in a dangerous medieval romance and the unfinished life of her ancestor. Maeve gets thrown back in time to be captured, ravished and cherished as a war chief’s prize.

Ronan O’Griofa is a griffin-shifter, the most loyal of creatures. He’s been trapped in limbo as the avenging guardian of Tullamore since 1332 AD and longs to be free. When the soul of his wife returns to the castle he’s granted the privilege of becoming a man for one day to be her lover, win her heart and remind Maeve of a bond strong enough to last an eternity.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
Katalina Leon: Griffins have always had a special place in my heart. According to 9th century Irish author Stephen Scotus, griffins mate for life and are “highly monogamous.” If a mate dies the other will never re-mate, and that formed the basis of my story. Griffins rule both air and land with justice and loyalty. So you see its hard to not love a griffin!

A few years ago, as an anniversary gift, my husband gave me a beautiful bronze casting of a griffin to place next to my writing desk. The Griffin is there as a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. My husband’s a griffin at heart; he’s protective, loyal and he never turns his back on his responsibilities. I brought as much of that sentiment as I possibly could to “Lord Griffin’s Prize.”

Q) How long did it take you to write?
Katalina Leon: I write slowly. Between family and other things I can only manage about one or two “k” on an average day. I spent about seven weeks writing Lord Griffin’s Prize.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Katalina Leon: Falling in love with new characters and different time periods or settings is very high on my list of favorite things in life. Writing feels like adventure to me and I love that.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Katalina Leon: I’m dyslectic and I can’t be trusted to proof my own work. I cringe when I see the mistakes that so easily slip past me. The shame of looking stupid used to paralyze me and now I’ve learned to buck-up, make mistakes in public and live by the nobody’s perfect rule.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Katalina Leon: I’m going to hold out and see if there are any famous people who would like to be me for a day? Do I have any takers? No celebrity will be refused!

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Katalina Leon: I had to get up, dig through the condiment shelf of my fridge and do a little forensic investigating to answer this question. The winner of the I-don’t-even-remember-buying-this-stuff-contest is a half-used foil tube of wasabi paste. I have no idea exactly when or why I bought it but the crimp is stamped with “Best if used by November 2011.” I think I missed my chance to enjoy this product at it’s best.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Katalina Leon: A wasabi-shifter! No, I’m joking. On the near horizon I have some steamy time travel to 1903 to visit a handsome French artist’s loft featuring enchanted absinthe, green fairies and gypsy witches—“Fairy In The Flesh” is coming August 23rd from Ellora’s Cave. After that make way for planation country wolf-shifters in the enchanted Louisiana bayous of 1834. Both books are colorful wild rides into paranormal-parallel worlds.

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