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Savage Smoke Kay Dee Royal‏

Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dogs, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can reach her at her blog and find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.

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Ravencraft’s Romance Realm

 Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?

Warning: Sizzling HOT! Lots of two-somes, three-somes, even more-somes, stimulating, arousing, and positively natural…or supernatural.

Q) What inspired you to write this story? 
Hello Pembroke – thank you so much for this opportunity to visit your place – I appreciate your time and your excellent interview questions:)

Okay – first Q, there were many things that wove together inspiring me to write Savage Smoke. It started with Book 1, Staring Into the Eyes of Chance. A good friend of mine (fifty-something years old) lost her husband and found out about his years of philandering at the funeral. She has always been a wildlife advocate and shares her property with many four legged and feathered friends.

I pulled on these to get me started with the heroine. The Werewolf part and the Investigation Agency are two of my life-long favorites, so blending it all together just happened;) Savage Smoke is the continuing story…

Q) How long did it take you to write? 
SS seemed to take me forever. I struggled with the ending…it seems the rogue villain of the story refused to die, stole my mind and my pen, and held me hostage for months on end. When I finally succumbed to the possibility Smoke might actually be able to pull off redemption, the ending came to me swiftly…but still, it took eighteen months to go through the entire process – beginning to publication.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
I love being flexible with my writing time, and the fact I can do it anywhere;)

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing? 
Without a doubt it’s the promoting and marketing involved right before and then after the book releases. It takes a lot of time, research, and guest posts;) It feels like I have to put on my big girl pants to make it happen, and they aren’t very comfortable.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Wow, this feels like a stump the star question *grins* I would want to wear maybe Kate Douglas’ shoes for a day – someone who I love to read, writes in a genre similar to mine, and she’s very successful. Maybe I could pick up some good traits to keep me on track:)

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Oh, wow…no you’re hitting below the beltline *giggles* In fact, I had to go look…and it is some Cherry Butter jelly my daughter gave me months ago, but it was already a couple years old when she gave it me (unopened). I’m a pushover for the unusual…not afraid to try anything once…well, except for raw meats – eew.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Smoke -n- Bliss, Book 3 in the LIIA series. Hopefully Smoke comes full circle in this book, making the ultimate sacrifice to redeem his self. I’m also working on a few shorts to submit for anthologies. There’s another book shouting to be written – I started it and never finished – more of an erotic fantasy/paranormal romance. Then I also started another shifter type story – it began as a short story, but this kept moving forward into more intricate sub-plot threads…so I’m thinking it will be a novel and maybe even another series.

Thank you again for having me…your interview questions were quite unique:)

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Kay Dee Royal said...

Hello Pembroke:) Sorry for the late visit - out-of-town guests left today and I haven't had an opportunity until now to open my laptop.

Thank you for the post, the questions, and allowing me to settle for a visit at your place. Very lovely site;) Hugs!

Eva Millien said...

Thanks for sharing the interview and the giveaway. This book does sound like a sizzling hot book and I have added it to my TBR. evamillien at gmail dot com