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Hers To Command by Patricia A. Knight‏

Patricia A. Knight is the pen name for an eternal romantic who lives in Dallas, Texas surrounded by her horses, dogs and the best man on the face of the earth – oh yeah, and the most enormous bullfrogs you will ever see. Word to the wise: don’t swim in the pool after dark.

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Conte Camliel Aristos deTano, Ari, has long spurned the marriage forced upon him. Princess Fleur Constante, his contractual bride and the beautiful future queen, though young and inexperienced, is willing to risk everything – including her own sanity – to save her planet.

The inhabitants of the sentient planet, Verdantia, are poised on the precipice of extinction following a brutal invasion by an off-world, nomadic horde. Verdantia’s capital, Sylvan Mintoth, must have its failing energy shield restored, or the planet is doomed. The Elders know the shield can draw energy from only one thing—a very arduous and grueling coupling of two specific people pre-chosen by the planet, Herself, and promised by prearranged marriage contract.

Verdantia draws strength from the duo, but the sentient planet whispers to Ari that a third is necessary – Ari’s aide de camp, Visconte Doral deLorion, an angelically handsome, skilled assassin who silently surrendered his heart to Ari long ago.

The trio struggles to make this surprising partnership harmonious, pushing through pride, scars of past abuse, fears of inexperience and distrust. To save Verdantia, they must overcome their individual weaknesses and realize their full potential. Only the tetriarch and their combined synergy, can harness Verdantia’s immense power to shield its citizens from invasion.

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Question: What inspired you to write this story?
I love epic fantasy and sci-fi, and I have a highly developed “prurient interest” in the heroes and heroines of the books I read. I totally wanted Aragorn to shag Arwen . . . and I want all the graphic details, please. Unfortunately, J.R. Tolkien closed the bedroom door quite firmly and kept his lips buttoned as to what went on. Sigh. After reading enough of these sorts of epic fantasies and sci-fi’s, I decided to write my own where the bedroom doors were left open and everyone “kissed and told.” Hence, my stories of brave men and women who “get their freak” on and invite the reader to watch.

Question: How long did it take you to write?
Three years. Don’t laugh. It really did. But then, Hers To Command started life as a short story – and then got to be a very long story – and then got shortened again. I could talk for hours on what I have learned about writing in the last three years. But I have learned. The next two books took me six months from conception to publication and my critique partners and publisher tell me they are better books.

Question: What is your favorite thing about writing?
My readers. I wriggle like a puppy when I hear that they loved Doral or were moved by something in the book. Seriously – I wriggle – in my seat – like a puppy.

Question: What is your least favorite thing about writing?
When a reader hates my book and posts a bad review because they don’t like male on male scenes or the graphic sex when it states quite clearly on the cover blurb that this is an erotic novel with male/male/female sex. Why did they read it? And then why did they feel compelled to give it a bad review? I get that not everyone is going to like my stories. I can live with that. But, please! “Don’t like them” for a good reason. If you are going to take a walk on the wild side, don’t penalize the author because it upset your apple cart.

Question: If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Bill Gates. I’d love to have enough money to give millions and millions of dollars away to charity. Just think of how much good you could do in the world.

Question: What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Umm . . . as I stand here looking at the Tupperware container, I’m not really sure what it used to be. Currently, it is a fuzzy, lime-green blob with black and orange spots. It is definitely of other-worldly origin and I deny any knowledge of how it got into my fridge. I submit that my fridge has been visited by creatures from a distant planet and they left their lunch. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Question: What can readers expect from you in the future?
Well-crafted characters and fast moving storylines full of scorching hot sex. I promise books that will move and entertain you even if you took all the sex out! But, of course, since I’m writing them . . . [smiles and hoists her coffee-cup] . . . I won’t.

Patricia Knight