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Influential Magic by Deanna Chase‏

Deanna is a native Californian, transplanted to the slower paced lifestyle of southeastern Louisiana.

When she isn't writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, making glass beads, or out hocking her wares at various bead shows across the country.

For more information and updates on newest releases visit her website at www.deannachase.com


It’s tough being a faery in New Orleans, a city fraught with vampires… especially when their very existence drains your life-force.

Willow Rhoswen, owner of The Fated Cupcake and part-time vampire hunter for the Void is having a rough week. Four years after her twin brother’s mysterious death, Willow’s life is threatened and the director saddles her with a new partner—her ex-boyfriend, David. To her horror, he’s turned vamp, which causes her physical pain whenever she touches him… and any other specimen of the undead.

In order to save Willow’s life, David agrees to turn double agent against the most powerful vampire organization in New Orleans. Or so he says. And she’s convinced they know something about her brother’s death. Unsure where David’s loyalties lie, she turns to Talisen, her childhood crush, to help her solve the mystery.

Caught between two gorgeous men and a director who’ll stop at nothing to control Willow’s gifts, she’ll have to follow her instincts and learn who to trust.

Otherwise, she risks losing more than just her life.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
I’d say Influential Magic was inspired by the three things I love most. New Orleans, Urban Fantasy, and my dog. It’s probably not a surprise that I’m a huge urban fantasy reader. And since I live near New Orleans and it’s one of my favorite places, it was natural to set it there. Then we have Link, the wolf-shifting Shih Tzu. Don’t tell any of the other characters, but I’m pretty sure he’s my favorite. I’m not sure why I decided to make Willow a faery, except I do think it would be cool to have wings. Who doesn’t want to fly?

Q) How long did it take you to write?
I started Influential Magic back in the spring of 2011. But then I went on to publish my Jade Calhoun series and IM had to wait for a bit. I went back to it in Sept of last year. Even though it was half written, it took me six months because my writing had changed quite a bit over those eighteen months and the story took a few different turns that I wasn’t expecting.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
The zone. That place where you go when you’re fully emerged in the story, living it with your characters and feeling everything they are. It’s the draft phase when I don’t worry about editing, just getting the story out. That’s my favorite part. My next favorite is the final read through when I see it all come together. It’s like graduation day.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Opening the notes from my editor. Don’t get me wrong. I love my editor. She saves me from myself every time. We writers have a hard time seeing what we said on the page verses what we meant to say. So it’s the editor’s job to tell us when we need to clarify. And that often means revisions. One revision can change the entire rest of the manuscript. Just when you think you’re done, you’re not and you have to go back through the entire thing to make sure the changes match. It’s daunting sometimes.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Is it crazy that I don’t want to be famous? I’m pretty introverted. I like people and can be social, but I’m more of an observer. That said, I’m going to say someone fabulously talented like Norah Jones so I could experience just once what it was like to sing and not have people throw tomatoes. 

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
A jar of pickles. It’s a year old and never been opened.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Angels of Bourbon Street, the fourth book in my Jade Calhoun Series is coming out at the end of May. Irresistible Magic the second book in Crescent City Fae will be out this September. Then Look for Shadows of Bourbon Street.

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