Friday, November 16, 2012

This Week in Reading

Still working on Dead City by Joe McKinney.  If I recall, I believe my Kindle told me I was over 40% done with it.  I'm enjoying it so far.  There are a lot of twists and turns and edge of your seat excitement.  I'm interested to see where it goes and how it ends.  As usual, I will keep you informed of my progress.

As I mentioned yesterday, the 3 year old was sick on Wednesday.  He woke up at 4:15 in the morning after he'd thrown up in his bed.  When we all got up around 6:30 to get ready for the day, he came out into the living room and told me he had a headache.  He also had his puke bucket with a thin layer of vomit it in and told me he did that before coming out.  Not sure he'd be able to hold anything down, I gave him some ibuprofen to help.

Around 9:00, I decided it was time for both of us to lay down for a  nap.  I was exhausted, and I knew he was tired too.  Of course, he didn't want to lay down.  The ibuprofen worked very well, and he was convinced he felt better.  He kept telling me he wanted to go to day care.

I, of course, wasn't so sure he should go.  On one hand, it would have been nice because then I wouldn't have had to use a sick day, but my intuition told me I would get a call that he was still sick.  Besides, he'd thrown up twice, he needed to relax.  I procrastinated, told him I needed to pick up the house first, then I'd take him to day care, and he proceeded to drink a tiny water bottle full of Koolaid.  I told him it wasn't a good idea, but the poor guy was thirsty.

A little bit later, he started complaining that his tummy hurt again and he needed some water.  He blamed the juice for making him feel bad.  I told him to take tiny sips, and that pushed him over the edge.  Within a few minutes, red liquid splashed into his puke bucket.  When he was done, he looked at me with watery eyes and a frown and said, "I don't want to go to day care anymore."

I hope your weekend is happy and healthy and you get to do what you want to do!

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