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My blog tour started today.  You can read the first of many blogs here.  As usual, I'm pimping Life After the Undead.  It's so close to Halloween, and zombies are a staple of the season, how could I not?  Plus, I need to make sure people have read the first one so they can enjoy the sequel.

I'm also doing a book signing today at a local bank (picture 1 has my information).  I'm not too optimistic about the outcome.  I can't sell books at a sci fi/fantasy convention, I doubt I'll have any luck in a bank.  But who knows.  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.  I'll let you know how it goes on Monday. 

Other than that, I've been reading The Underminer by Mike Albo and Virginia Heffernan.  It's very interesting.  It's told in first-person perspective from the underminer's viewpoint.  I find I have to read it in chunks because the character is so vicious.  I mean, seriously, s/he is so cruel.  I'm not exactly sure of the gender, but I'm fairly confident it's a female.  I'm enjoying it, but it's very intense.  You wouldn't think it would be with only one perspective, but I was surprised.  As usual, I'll review it when I'm finished.

Yesterday, I met the 5 year old at school for lunch.  He's been asking me to go for a while, and that was the first chance I had to go.  Yes, I ate cafeteria food, and no, it wasn't horrible.  It was a bit more than I normally eat for lunch, though.  I'm not used to eating tator tot casserole, carrots, and a roll for lunch.  I had chocolate milk to drink, and was informed by one of my son's classmates that white milk was better for me.  To which I replied, "I know, but chocolate milk tastes so much better!"  Normally, I only have a sandwich and chips for lunch.  I thought I was going to pop when I left.

I think I really made his day.  He was so excited to see me, and I made him laugh a few times during the meal.  He didn't talk much, the little girl sitting next to me talked more than the 5 year old, but it was all good.  Just spending time with him was enough.

Later that night, when I picked him up from Grandma's house, he said, "Maybe you could come on Friday or next week on the same day for lunch again."

It made me so happy.  Sadly, I have to let my dogs out at lunch, so going all the time isn't an option, but believe me, I will try to fit it into my schedule as much as humanly possible.  A day will come when he won't want anything to do with me, so I have to cherish these moments while I can.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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