Self-promotion Thursday

Halloween is right around the corner, so how about some creepy stories about the Devil?  Check out The Devil Made Me Do It, you won't be sorry!

This is a collection of five different stories that explores what it would take to drive someone to deal with the Devil. Think they're all evil? Think again. Driven by tragedy and loss, most of the characters are looking for ways to cope. When no one else can help, the Devil steps in with an irresistible offer. From mothers to husbands to college students, each character has their own reason for leaving the path of the righteous and drifting to the dark side. What would push you to make a deal with the Devil?

I keep forgetting to mention that my Author Show interview will go live on October 30.  It will be here.  As usual, I'm talking about Life After the Undead.  But it's so close to Halloween, who wouldn't want to talk about zombies?

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