One of the things I really enjoy about going to conventions is the ability to network.  Mile Hi Con is fairly small, and I've seen a lot of the same people for the past 3 years, but I've still managed to meet some new people and (hopefully) make some new contacts.  Standing out in the book world is hard, and it's nice to have as many people on your side as possible.  Us authors have to stick together and help each other out.

One day, I'm hoping to get to a really big convention.  If I was wowed the first time I went to Mile Hi Con, imagine what it will be like to go to a Comic Con or a World Con.  I bet my head would explode.  That's my plan for next year.  To save up and go to a really big convention.  I'm sure it will be incredibly fun, and I hope to find even more networking opportunities!

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