Convention Review Monday

I didn't watch any movies this weekend since I was down in Denver hanging out with nerds.  As always, I had a wonderful time.  There is nothing better than hanging out with people who share the same likes as you and talk about it for days.

I participated in two panels this year.  One was a late night reading, and I read the first chapter from Death to the Undead.  There were six of us, and I was the only female.  There wasn't a huge crowd, maybe five people in the audience, but it was still fun.  The other authors' stories were fantastic!  I felt like an amateur.

The other panel I was on was called "Prequels, Sequels, and Reboots," and the panel talked about movies and books with the aforementioned labels.  It was fun.  This panel was on Saturday, and the crowd was much larger.  People had to stand around the room because there weren't enough chairs.  Females outnumbered males on this panel, with three of us and two of them.  It was so much fun! 

Other than that, I sat at the author co-op table in an attempt to sell some of my books.  I didn't, but the author sitting next to me was fun to talk to.  I did hand out my baubles, so that counted for something.  Perhaps one of those key chains or notebooks will inspire someone to buy the book.

I donated a copy of Life After the Undead and Life Lessons from Slasher Films to the literacy auction, along with a picture of Madison Lintz and Michael Koske holding my YA zombie book.  Thankfully, someone bought it.  I thought I was going to have to take it home, and that would have hurt my feelings! 

Otherwise, I had a great time attending panels and mingling with other nerds.  I met a few new people and hopefully got some new connections.  By Sunday, I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get home.  I really love geeking out, but, man!  It takes a lot out of you!

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