Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie Review Monday

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I love fairy tales.  They are so rich with hidden meaning and lessons.  Their attempts at teaching morals and values can't be surpassed.  Not to mention, they are usually very dark and full of magic and mythical creatures. 

I wanted to see this film since the previews.  I was leery about seeing it in the theater, only because it's so expensive anymore and I don't have a lot of time.  This one would have been all right to see on the big screen.  It's not Disney's Snow White.  It was a great film, even with Kristen Stewart.  She actually surprised me.  The film was dark.  It was full of magic and magical creatures.  The heroine had to go on a journey to discover her true potential and worth.  It was fantasy in its truest form.  I enjoyed it immensely.

I have to say, I really liked that Snow White become more than the fair maiden who needed to be rescued.  There were moments of that, but in the end, she stood up and fought her own battle.  She donned armor and a sword and wasn't afraid to use it.  I was a little confused as to why she didn't have a helmet, I would have assumed she wanted to protect her head, but what do I know?

Queen Ravenna was deliciously evil.  I love a bad guy/girl with a rich history and complicated reasons for revenge.  I sympathized with her, I really did.  Her distaste of men and how they view/idolize women and beauty rang true.  She desired to destroy everything beautiful with her beauty.  The contradictions and double standards were fantastic.

The film is nothing like the Disney version of Snow White, so if you watch it thinking it's going to be, you'll be sorely disappointed.  If you watch it as a fantasy movie with all the conventions of the genre, you'll enjoy it so much more.

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