Monday, September 3, 2012

Movie Review Monday

The Expendables 2 (2012)

Anyone who reads this blog and/or knows me knows that there are a few things I really enjoy in movies:  eye candy, explosions, fights, really evil bad guys, and a hint of a plot.  This film had all of that AND the added bonus of seeing my heroes from childhood on screen.

This entire film was over the top, from the explosions to the gun fights to the computer-generated blood to the cheesy one liners, but it was FUN!  The lines between good and evil were distinctly drawn, and you cheered and rooted for the good guys.  The actors may be getting old, but don't count them out.  They'll still mess you up royally!

The spouse and I went to this movie as part of our anniversary celebration.  It brought back so many memories watching the guys kick butt in the movie.  I remember when we watched all the Jet Li movies, just because Jet Li was in them.  Or Jason Statham.  In my case, I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, so I have the vast majority of his films.  Seriously, it was these films that helped fuel my interest in karate, even back when I was an undergraduate in college (I am a third degree brown belt in Seyo Shorin Ryu, and I practiced for years.  Sadly, after the second boy was born, I no longer had time to go, and I miss it terribly).  Action films have always had a special place in my heart.

The plot in the film focused on revenge and really bad guys who want to sell weapons-grade plutonium to the highest bidder.  The fight scenes were amazing, the amount of anonymous henchmen deaths was ridiculous.  From beginning to end I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next fantastic scene.  Was it predictable?  Absolutely, but it was still a great film.

The spouse was a bit distressed because there weren't enough hot chicks for him to feast his eyes on.  If he could change anything, he would have changed that.  Otherwise, he seemed to enjoy it just fine.

If you enjoy old-school action films with stars from yesteryear, then you will thoroughly enjoy this movie.  Like I said, it had everything I needed to make it a fabulous film!

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