Friday, July 20, 2012

This Week In Writing

I finished a content edit I was doing, then wrote an article for a local (as in Wyoming-based) magazine.  I plan on sending that in sometime today.  The magazine is called Wyoming Elements, and, strangely enough, I became aware of it while we were in the hospital with the 3 year old.  It looks pretty interesting, and I have tons of outdoor stories to tell.  Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll let you know if they accept the article.

Other than that, I've been extremely lazy.  I slept better last night, but still didn't sleep the whole night through.  It was a human child last night.  Apparently, a train scared him.  *Sigh*  Oh, well.  I suppose I'll sleep when I'm dead.  I'm hoping to get some writing done this weekend, but if I don't, no big deal.  Maybe I'll do some edits.  Hmmmm.  The weekend is wide open!

The other night, the boys and I went to my sister's house for dinner.  As the 5 year old was climbing out of the car, I noticed a mark on his hand.

"Oh, honey," I said.  "You have something on your hand."

He turned his hand around to look at it and shrugged.  "I don't know what it is."

"Well, were you painting or using markers at day care today?"

"Oh, yeah.  I was coloring with markers.  But they weren't pregnant."

I nodded.  "That's good."

"Yeah, it'll wash off."

I helped him down out of the car.  "Permanent, honey,"  I gently corrected.  "The markers weren't permanent."

"I know."

And off he ran to find his cousins.

All I can say is thank goodness the markers weren't pregnant.  What would you do with a pregnant marker?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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