The World Is Shrinking

Last week, I directed your attention to a review I found for Life Lessons from Slasher Films.  Well, being the gracious and kind person I am (stop snickering, I have my moments!), I decided to send the site/reviewer an email and thank them for doing the review.  The author was kind enough to write me back, and from there, a conversation started.

The saying goes that "It's not what you know, it's who you know," and that is so very true in this world.  You never know who is going to be your biggest fan or your greatest promoter.   You never want to burn bridges.  Even when I'm angry, I always try to remain professional and courteous. 

My point is, that when it comes to the world of writing and publishing, the world is really small.  As an editor, I've come across the same author at several different houses.  I've learned that small publishers really do talk to other small publishers.  Authors talk to other authors, and reviewers probably talk to all of them.  Eventually, if my name gets out there enough, it's going to be recognizable, especially since it's so odd.  While not everyone is going to like me, my goal is to make sure I at least have a lasting and professional appearance.

Going back to the conversation with the reviewer.  He mentioned that he'd be interested in looking at my next book if it was horror.  Well, as some of you know, my next book out is Death to the Undead, which is the sequel to Life After the Undead.  I was flattered and honored that he was willing to read more of my work, so I offered to send him Life so he had an idea what was going on in Death, to which he graciously and excitedly agreed to read.

I love making these types of connections.  Again, you never know where they are going to lead.  Who would have ever thought a nonfiction book on slasher films would be the gateway to my fiction books?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it happens on a grander scale.

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