Friday, June 29, 2012

This Week in Writing

After receiving some feedback from a beta reader (hi, Mom!), I added a prologue and epilogue to my middle grade book.  There will be some more edits, I'm sure, after the other readers get back to me.

I finished the edit I was working on, and I'm waiting for it to come back so I can format it.  I'm supposed to get edits back from Death to the Undead this weekend also.  We shall see if that actually comes to pass.  Other than that, I've been lazy.  But it's been a loooong week, so I deserve a little down time.

Tuesday night, I was sitting at the table working on the computer, and the boys were outside playing football.  I assumed they were throwing it back and forth to one another, but then I heard this panicked cry from the back yard.  It was the 5 year old.  Instantly, I jumped up to see what was going on.  About that same time, the 3 year old started screaming bloody murder.

The 5 year old was babbling about how it was an accident, and my first thought was someone broke something.  I got to the door and looked out, and the 3 year old was walking up to the house with blood covering his entire face.  Seriously, he looked like an MMA fighter who had the crap beat out of him.

I freaked.  I do not handle emergency situations very well.  I get incredibly panicky, and my panic panics everyone around me. 

I picked him up, continuing to ask the 5 year old what happened, and took him to the bathroom.  My initial thought was to wipe his face with a washcloth.  When I got in there and turned on the water, I realized that was not going to happen.  There was too much blood.  I took him into my bathroom to put him in the shower.  We have a head that detaches, so I thought I'd rinse him off.  As I sat on the edge of the tub and turned on the water, I knew that probably wasn't going to work because he hates water on his face.  Instead, I start scooping it with my hand and sprinkling it over his face, which was not very effective.

This whole time, I'm telling the 5 year old to get my phone because I was sure I needed an ambulance.  Finally, I just grabbed a towel and dabbed at the 3 year old's face.  The bleeding slowed, so I knew I could get him to the hospital myself.  Which was a good thing because the 5 year old couldn't find my phone and I couldn't remember where I put it.  (It was a good lesson for me.  Now, I need to make sure I put my phone where everyone can find it in case another emergency arises.)

We piled into the car and headed up.  My spouse met me up there, and by the time we walked in, the 3 year old and I were covered in blood (mainly because the water from the shower thinned it out when I tried to rinse it away).  I thought I was going to pass out, so while we waited for the nurse, I had my head between my legs and took deep breaths.

In the end, he had two lacerations on his forehead that they closed with glue.  The 5 year old informed us that he tackled his brother and his head slammed into the ground.  What he hit, we have no idea.  I told them they weren't allowed to tackle until they had helmets.

His response:  "Well, I guess you'll have to get us helmets for Christmas then."

Later, while sitting in the ER room waiting for the doctor, we continued to talk about the incident.  I don't remember what I said, but the 5 year old's response was, "Well, Mom, I guess you'll have to make sure you watch us next time we're playing football in the back yard."

Nothing like the words of a child to humble you and make you feel like a horrible parent.  The weekend has to be better than the week!

Have a great one!

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