Friday, June 8, 2012

This Week in Writing

My middle grade story, The Ifs, has been sent to my beta readers.  I'm anxiously awaiting their input so I can make edits.  I'm also reading it out loud to my kids, since I wrote it for them, to see if they like it.  They're still a little young, and I don't think they get everything, but they listen to me while I read, so that's all that matters.

I started my fifth novel yesterday.  I've been thinking about querying agents for my middle grade book, which practically throws me into a panic attack, and I'm not very good at being patient.  Since I don't have edits back on my other stories, I have to do something to keep my mind off the long wait and the impending rejections.  The best thing I can do is create something new.

I won't rush this one (not that I rush the others), especially since my fourth and the middle grade haven't found a home yet.  I contemplated taking a break from writing, and I still might.  Usually when I do that, though, it's a pretty short-lived break.  I get grumpy when I'm not writing.

Earlier this week, the boys and I were watching TV in my room.  It was getting close to bed time, and they needed to settle down.  Since their regular shows weren't on (Spongebob and Batman), we were forced to watch Dora.  The episode was about Boots losing a blue ball, so they have to find it.  For whatever reason, it bounces into a volcano.

Map shows us where they need to go to find the ball, and he says that it's in the volcano, which "is a mountain that explodes."  At that time, the 3 year old was climbing onto my bed and stopped to stare at the TV.  After Map explained what a volcano was, he looks at me wide eyed and says, "Whoooaaa!  A mountain that explodes!"  Apparently, it was the coolest thing he'd learned all day.

I hope you learn something fantastic this weekend.  Have a great one!

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