TV Rots Your Brain, and Makes It Tender

Sunday was a really slow TV night for my family.  With our regular shows over, we don't really have anything in our queue to watch.  My spouse and I are forced to find other shows.  On Sunday, he found Freaky Eaters.

I was skeptical at first.  It sounded like it could be disgusting.  It was, but it was also fascinating.  Basically, the show focuses on individuals who have strange/unhealthy eating habits.  For example, one woman has eaten nothing but cheesy potatoes for 30 years, and another guy eats 5 pounds of meat a day with no vegetables. 

Friends and family members call in experts to help their loved ones change their eating habits so they don't die.  It's fascinating.  They give them blood tests so they can see how much damage has been done and show them healthy ways to eat.  I was hooked!  And disgusted.  The show definitely made my bad eating habits look awfully tame.

Of course, we watched several episodes of this show before going to bed, and it affected my dreams.  I dreamt that I was a freaky eater, but do you think it was food I was eating?  Of course not!  I was a zombie!

It was so weird.  My entire family (Mom, Dad, and siblings) were there, along with my spouse, but we were all trying to be normal.  We'd eat "regular" food around other people, but I was never full.  My stomach was constantly growling throughout the dream, and I was starving!  Luckily for me, my mom kept a stash of fresh people in the basement for a snack.  I promptly headed down there to grab myself an ankle bone and foot.

Don't you hate it in your dreams when you can actually taste, but things don't taste right?  Well, that's how this dream was.  I have no idea what human flesh would taste like, but my brain made it up for me.  It wasn't pleasant.  In my dream, I enjoyed it immensely, but when I thought about it after I awoke, it upset my stomach.  It was kind of like dark meat on chicken or turkey.  I'm not a big fan of dark meat, so that was a bit disturbing.

Sitting down and working through the meaning of that dream would probably be fun, but, for now, I'm going to leave it alone.  All I need to know is that TV rotted my brain!

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