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This Week in Writing

I finished a rough draft of my middle grade book.  It's been sitting and ruminating.  With a little luck, it's making itself better.  Wouldn't that be nice if stories edited themselves?  It would save me a lot of heartache.  I have no plans on getting back to it soon, but I will eventually.

I'm working on edits for my short story collection.  I was hoping to have them done by now, but this week has been crazy!  I'll finish them this weekend.  After that, I have edits to make to Wucaii.  An editor was kind enough to give me (unsolicited) suggestions on how to make it better.  That's my next project.  When I'm done with that, I'll go back to the middle grade book.

Since I've been editing this collection of short stories, I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like short stories.  I like to read them, but I'm not a huge fan of writing them.  They are a challenge, for sure, but I prefer working on longer stories.  Maybe some day I'll go back to them, but I think I'm going to stop writing them for a while.  I have so many other ideas that must get out of my head first!

Monday, I picked my boys up from the airport after being gone for a week in Arizona.  As can be expected, they were a little tired and a bit grumpy, but I didn't mind.  I was just happy to see them.  Both boys fell asleep in the car, but the 5 year old woke up right as we pulled into town.  The 3 year old had a harder time getting up.  I carried him into the house and laid him on the couch.

After taking a moment to help bring some stuff in and start unpacking, I sat on the rocking chair with my youngest.  It was nice to snuggle.  My boys are just like their father, and they constantly wear baseball caps.  By the time we were rocking, the 3 year old had taken his hat off.  He was getting off my lap to get something, and I noticed his hair looked different.  I furrowed my brow and stared at him.  Were those bald spots?

"What happened to your head?" I asked and pulled him back on my lap.  I examined his head, and, sure enough, they were bald spots with some scabs an the top of his skull.  "Honey!"  I called to my spouse.  "What happened to his head?"

My spouse came into the living room, chuckling.  "I wondered how long it would take you to notice.  It happened our first night in Arizona.  The boys were taking a shower, and he found a razor.  I heard him start screaming and crying, so I threw open the curtain and he had the razor in his hand and it was full of hair.  Just clogged.  He cut his head to.  I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry."

Like I wouldn't notice that!  I notice everything about my kids!  The cuts weren't overly bad, and the hair will grow back, but he will have some bald spots for a while.  I giggle about it now because I know he'll be all right.  I'm just thankful he DOES wear a hat most of the time.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!