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Down in the Dumps

Meet An Author Tuesday will resume tomorrow.

Last week was a pretty tough week for me.  My spouse and kids went to Arizona for a week.  Since I didn't have enough vacation time, I stayed home and took care of the dogs.  They were out of sorts.  They don't like it when their pack leaves.  Riddick, the older dog, settled down the fastest.  He's been through this before.  Ryder, the puppy, had a really hard time.  He was so upset he was pulling up sod in the back yard.  Yeah, good times were had by all.

My schedule was really screwed up too.  I had some relaxing moments and got some work done, but I prefer my kiddos there.  No matter how much crying and yelling goes on, I still want them around.  It makes those happy times so much sweeter.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well.

When I don't sleep very well, I get really grumpy.  When I get grumpy, I start thinking about how big of a failure I am.  It's an incredibly vicious cycle.  I always pull out and move on, but I've come to the conclusion that something has to change.  I need to figure out some way to be happy with my writing.

I love the act of writing.  I love creating stories.  I love people reading and enjoying and reading my stories.  I've accomplished a lot, and I'm proud of what I've done.  However, my wish is that I could target a larger audience.  Eventually, I would like to make a living at writing, but the way things are going right now, it's not even a lucrative hobby.  The funds going out exceed what I have coming in.  That's very frustrating.  It makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.

Something needs to change so this is worth my time.  I don't need to make a lot from what I do, but I would like to break even.  I'm going to spend some time looking into other options.  If anyone has any great ideas, I'm listening.